Transgender Ideology is child abuse

  • The head shrinker community has changed their collective opinion as to what constitutes normalcy.
    Homosexuality was once looked upon correctly as a mental illness.
    What changed that? More than likely the invasion of homosexuals into the head shrinker world working, not for genuine understanding of the mental illness, but to undue the stigma this mental illness and give themselves credibility.
    Any halfway intelligent human should be able to recognize that there are only 2 sexes and that to truly believe you are what you are not, is more than confusion.

  • In Roman history...Rome followed a similar path. First, free sex with any partner and many partners was accepted as the norm. Then homosexuality became accepted as a normal behavior. Then not to long after that pedopheila became an accepted norm. Mark my words. Unless we turn back to morality (God) as a nation, We will see a day when pedopheila is accepted as a "sexual orientation" and is a social norm. When morals are compromised it is a slippery slope and it will take one farther and faster than they really want to go.