Active shooting UCLA

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    There's currently a active shooter at UCLA
    I'm fortunate that I'm already out of school already, but I have friends and family on campus at UCLA.
    Our governor decided last October we don't have the right to defend ourselves at school.

    If you want to get pissed off google 'UCLA shooting' and look at all the worthless people commenting on Twitter.

    Also watch the news babble on trying to make news

  • While this isn't politically correct nor popular... I say, GOOD. The more criminals in california, the better. The more people get killed, the better. If enough of those idiot liberals get victimized, they will either be eliminated from the gene pool or understand the difference between security vs the illusion of security.

  • Unfortunately, the immediate response of the ILs will be to pass another law (or three) to "prevent this kind of thing from happening again"----

  • @daved said:

    Unfortunately, the immediate response of the ILs will be to pass another law (or three) to "prevent this kind of thing from happening again"----

    I'm sure there's already legislation in the works that will see a boost.

    I don't believe this is happening, what with all the laws that are supposed to protect you guys, it's probably an act.


  • @orkan
    That's cold-blooded man, but as long as it's none of mine, I see your point.

    The issue is people here aren't smart enough to understand legislation won't fix the problem. So as a result of this, we wind up with Gavin Newsom trying to start background checks to buy ammo and other dumb shit.

    Had it been my campus I'd have already started a draft of a venomous, open letter to the governor blasting him for the laws preventing me from concealing a firearm on campus. Spin it in the other direction.

  • @daved said:

    Unfortunately, the immediate response of the ILs will be to pass another law (or three) to "prevent this kind of thing from happening again"----

    Good. I'm way past giving a shit about that state. The citizens there have allowed it to turn into what it is, so the faster it goes completely into the shitter, the faster people will recoil from it. Not one single day goes by that you don't hear about some absolutely illogical and illegal shit going on in commifornia. Let them rot in it.

  • Leeland Yee could have prevented this by passing more laws against firearms and selling them on the side.

    I understand this is Tragic, yet at the same time LA probably won't see the most gun deaths today even.

    But it'll be headline news, and Obama and Hillary will call for more gun control because clearly California is a clear example of how it works... except all those times it hasn't.

    Just makes me want to get another AR soon, since they'll be the target for whatever reason.

    Also there are reports of possibly 4 shooters, and at least 1 female shooter.

    And other reports saying it was a Murder Suicide and that they're dead already.

  • All laws restricting the bearing of arms are illegal irregardless of who passed them. The Constitution and supporting documents from the founders have, from day 1, supported the unrestricted bearing of arms. The Constitution, being the law of the land, negates any act of congress, tyrannical executive order or judicial degree that says otherwise.
    Only a corrupted system, with the ignorant support of fools, has allowed this systemic obliteration of Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

  • They're saying its a murder/suicide thing now.

    The 4 shooters were allegedly the same incident being reported multiple times.

  • LAPD confirmed the Murder Suicide, saying everything is good now.

  • The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable.

  • Dear Chris,

    It just happened.

    Gunpocalypse swept through the Assembly Floor.

    And it was the most outrageous showings of ignorance I have ever seen at the State Capitol, and that's saying something as I worked there for over 5 years.

    The first bill up was AB 1673, which will CRIMINALIZE the possession of unserialized firearms parts, authored by former police officer and current Assemblymember Mike Gipson (D-Carson).

    According to Gipson, an 80% lower is equivalent to a "weapon of mass destruction." Yep, an 80% lower is akin to a nuclear weapon.

    Are you serious?!?!? Well, his colleagues apparently believed him and it passed on a razor thin margin of 42-30.

    Next up was AB 1674, which will BAN buying more than one firearm within a 30 day period.

    One of the more prominent arguments brought up in support of the bill was from Assemblymember David Chiu (D-San Francisco), who stated that this would help cut down on gun trafficking. You know, like that of former Senator and current felon and gun-trafficker Leland Yee.

    Asm. Lorena Gonzalez (D-San Diego) then stated that she only gets to exercise her right to vote once, so YOU should only be allowed to buy one gun!

    That bill also passed on a tight margin of 42-29.

    AB 2607 was next up and almost defeated, but at the last second votes flipped and it passed out of the Assembly by the slimmest of margins 41-39.

    The bill will allow your boss, professor, or therapist to take away your gun rights in secret.

    Additionally, AB 1695, which will send harassing mailers to gun owners, also passed by a larger margin as well.

    Both head to the Senate.

    Following that, AB 1664, which will BAN all firearms with a bullet button made it out 41-30.

    It passed with such asinine statements made by the likes of Asm. Gipson, who stated that if you remove a bullet button, the gun becomes a fully automatic machine gun.

    You know, we try to educate ALL of the legislators. Sometimes, though, they just don't get it.

    Although it looks grim, we aren't out of the fight. We've killed bad bills before and will do it again. And don't forget about the wildcard of Governor Brown's veto!

    We aren't giving up. We know you won't either.

    Sign the petition to ensure the Senate knows where you stand on these bills!
    For Liberty,

    Richard Thomson
    Grassroots Director
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    Copy and pasted my email from CA's state assembly happenings today. The liberal idiots out number those of us with values and common sense. That state is a lost cause. All I can do is urge my family and friends there to leave like I did.

  • I don't live there but I participate in the petitions and contacting the ruling class through the FPC.
    There used to be a saying, "as goes Kaliphonia, so goes the nation" .
    We have the same type of power hungry assholes here and I think that there is a competition between these 2 states as to who can fuck gun owners over the most

  • Wait, if she only uses her right to vote once, then how can she vote on this bill? Or the next election?

  • Sounds like the whole thing was over bad grades.


    Also the white guy who was reported to be the shooter.

    Not very white.... but wrong agenda to tell the truth.

  • @norcal_in_az said:
    That state is a lost cause. All I can do is urge my family and friends there to leave like I did.

    Damn right. This nonsense of CA being the "front line" and how everyone needs to go there and fight is complete bullshit. CA is BEHIND enemy lines. Gun owners need to choose the most conservative states in the union, and move there, and then begin shoring up the defenses. Money spent fighting in cali is a total waste. Spend the money in a state that is already conservative, and push as hard as you can to make it MORE conservative, so that this fucking plague on the west coast, east coast, and the great lakes states does not spread.

    For 20 years I've been hearing from people that live in cali about how they are going to put a stop to this bullshit. Reality tells a different story.