Memorial Day

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  • @orkan said:


    that one tugs a heart string.

  • Today I'm always a little sad.

    Yet, my sadness always turns to anger. Anger, when I think of how many people die fighting a fucking war without end that we aren't allowed to win OR lose. Some apathetic mother fucker making decisions somewhere that will never have to look in the eyes of that boy. Someone that will never feel the weight of ANY of their fucking decisions.

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    Domeji, Holtz, Cerros

    Airborne Rangers in the sky

  • I really hate hearing "Happy Memorial Day" from stupid people. :unamused:

  • God bless you, God bless America, and God bless our service men and women and their families!

  • Sorry I am late, since I was out at the range with my daughter on Mon. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all those that server our country. A couple of weeks ago my son played in the school's orchestra with members of the Fort Carson military a piece called "The Sons of Nam". It is a piece written by Kimo Williams, a Vietnam Vet. Normally he charges money for his music, but to our school he simply asked that the students in the band would write a short essay about Vietnam. He also came here and met with the kids at the school and listened as they played his piece. The piece was 21 minutes long and the kids had been working on it the entire year. He explained something about the mentality of those that join the military, he said, "we don't think that we can be shot and killed, we don't think that we may never come back or come back broken, we don't think that we may never see our families again, but only of the deep sense of love for our country and the sense of duty to answer the call to serve." So here's to all those who serve in our armed forces and to all those who have paid the ultimate price.