Millennials being worthless. Who would have guessed?


    Does this really come as a shock? An entire generation of people who's only expectation of success was to "go to school," and people are actually surprised when they are completely worthless and living with their parents?

    Graduate high school, go to college, amass $30,000 to $150,000 in debt, and then.... ? Right. Very few of these dumbasses ever bothered to consider the other side of the equal sign. I remember being treated as a leper in high school because I never wanted to attend college. I knew then that it was a complete waste of time and it sure as hell didn't guarantee my employment. Everyone I knew back then who followed the instructions of their parents and teachers is basically living a life completely void of profit right now. They are up to their eyeballs in shit, with their mouths wide open. A mountain of debt that they will likely never get out from under. Living paycheck to paycheck, spending every single dime they make on shit that they don't need. Campers, boats, motorcycles, race cars, brand new $50,000 truck for him, brand new $60,000 SUV for her, on and on it goes. If they happen to be married, then "she" is constantly bitching about him, while cheating on him with some local scumbag. "He" is constantly bitching about her, while cheating on her with some local whore. They wouldn't know happiness OR financial liquidity if it bit them square in the ass.

    Take a look at what young people care about. It is some of the most meaningless shit in the world. So and So said something about them on facebook. That will be the topic of every conversation that person has for the next week. How dare they. Hollow, vane, and ridiculous people trying so hard to prove to the world that they are a special little snowflake. That's really the only thing they expend any real effort on. I see people that would otherwise be normal, walking around with tattoos all up their neck, a spike sticking out their bottom lip, a ring through their nose, and giant holes through their ears. I'm told that the bigger "gauge" you can get in the hole in your ear, the "cooler" it is. Is there no one in this "special little snowflake's" life that ever said "hey, you look like a fucking clown?" Meanwhile the women can't possibly get enough make-up on, and can't possibly have enough of their tits hanging out, and can't possibly have tight enough pants.

    Have you ever noticed, if you ask them why they do what they do, they rarely have an answer?

    I wonder what kind of event would have to take place for people to actually be REAL people, instead of constantly hiding behind the fake image they constantly maintain?

    How did anyone ever think that saddling a 20-22yr old with tens of thousands of dollars in debt was a good way to get their future started?

    How did anyone ever think that a generation that came from a broken home due to the mother refusing to be a mother, and instead wanting to go work at some dead-end pointless job, was going to allow a strong and stable family to exist?

    How did anyone ever think that so-called men tolerating having women bitching at them constantly about pointless things was going to create stable and well adjusted men in the future?

    When you look at how people have behaved for the last 50 years... how can ANYONE in their right mind be surprised at the absolute torrential flood of dumb shit that is happening now?

  • I don't have a college degree. I have no regrets regarding education. I don't believe college is for everyone and have had parents really not happy with me when I told their kids that. Anyone can make a living in life if they are hard working, self motivated, and willing to learn. If they are not hard working, self motivated, and willing to learn then a college education will not make a difference.

    Oh. And having my wife at home to raise my kids is one of the best decisions we have made in our marriage. Most wives today work to support a lifestyle...not a family. If I quit caring about what people think I can be happy with a lot fewer things that are just necessary for social status.