What bipod should i get?

  • right now i have 3 different Harris Bipods. 2 6"-9", one swivel and one non swivel with notched legs, and one 9"-13" non swivel. Im sold on getting an Atlas bipod and in the process of researching my purchase i found multiple versions. im looking for help deciding on what model to purchase. im looking for the 4.75"-9" ones.

  • If you are using it on multiple rifles you will want the QD version. I have one for every rifle I frequently use and still have the QD models. They are just easier to use.

    I got my first PSR about a week ago. It is very nice and seems more beefy than the BT-10. Legs don't turn either...however I am not going to replace the BT-10's I have. They work very well and I am happy with them.

    That said...if you are buying one then I would go with a PSR.

    BTW-- orkan sells them.

  • Without a doubt the Atlas PSR version. It is, in my opinion, quite an improvement over the already excellent earlier versions. Any of the negatives the earlier could be faulted with have been eliminated in the PSR.
    I got mine from Greg (Orkan) @ Primal Rights one of the sites sponsors.

  • PSR's are in stock, ready to ship. $320

    No better bipod to be had.

  • I have 3 Atlas bipods and I would say definitely go with the PSR version. I like the standard height version, but the taller one may be better for you, it's a personal use type issue on that point. The PSR version with the non-rotating legs is a definite plus IMHO. I've had some issues at matches like the Steel Safari using the old one on rocks and things where the non -rotating leg bites in a bit better.