Peterson .308 brass-bulk


    I know the last review we heard of Peterson cartridge Co. wasn't a positive one, but for anyone willing to take a chance, these guys have 500 cases for the attractive price of about 300 bucks.

    The description is a little vague so I'm skeptical, I've sent emails off to both Peterson and the vendor asking for more information.

    I'll update this tomorrow when I get replies and if it turns out to be authentic I'll probably jump on it.

  • Keep in mind...that is within a few dollars of the price of Lapua brass which is tried and tested. Powder valley and Bruno shooters both have it for about $73/box.

    Benchsource (the annealer place) quoted $67.50 for Lapua brass if you buy in lots of 500 or more. You have to call them though.

  • All valid points. That's a hellav a deal as well on the Lapua brass. I'm going to have to start asking you where the deals are, near as I can tell I've overpaid on the last two things I've ordered. Am I fair in assuming that's the cash price?

    That said, I'll probably still order the bulk Peterson brass. The vendor sent me a picture of the headstamp, and it looks to be authentic.

    To me it's an opportunity to support an American company.

    After @rhyno had his experience with them I've continued to look around and have found several rave reviews as to Petersons quality that put it above Lapua. Worse case I figure is to complain to Peterson and hope they buy it back, and then go with Lapua.

  • if you have a 308 caliber rifle that likes 155 grain has 155 lapua scenar 1000count for $299.99 with $7.95 shipping.

  • Benchsource is cash price. Not sure about Bruno shooters as I quit ordering from them when they jacked powder prices a few years ago. Powder valley will take CC at that price.

    I am curious to see what you find with the brass. It would be wonderful to have an american option for high quality brass.

  • @ragnarnar yup, I've found a couple other reviews that said it was good stuff.

    So did I get a bad batch? Who knows.

    If you get some keep us updated.

  • Yes, Please do keep us informed on the brass. I too would love to be able to support an American brass company.

  • I can drive to Bruno's and pick up Lapua, but if the Peterson proves good I'd be really interested as well.

  • Keep us posted plz