Mossberg is suing makers of drop in triggers.

  • I will never buy a mossberg again either...but this is not the reason.

    Thing is...if Mossberg has the patent then they own the rights to that design. I find it amazing how everyone jumps in anger when some china company copies the atlas bipod and sell it for $50.00, but when american companies violate patent laws against a large company that large company becomes the bad guy. Do you remember when Midway USA copied Tab Gear's equipment designs? Do you remember how everyone was up in arms and mad at Midway? And that was on items that were not under patent (to my knowledge). Was Midway wrong for "stealing" tony's designs? In my opinion...absolutely...they were not Midway's designs and Tony saw no reward for his innovation.

    I used to feel differently about this...but me and a few others have written some material to sell. We have been writing and selling for about 3-4 years now. We are just now to the point where we can cover our costs of printing and have enough money in the bank to print the next year. Not a single writer or artist has received a single dollar for their time spent on this material. One of our biggest set backs is people who buy one copy of our material and proceed to make 100 copies of COPYRIGHTED material so that they can save money.

    Mossberg owns the patent. The guy who patented his design made money because he was paid by Mossberg. CMC pays royalties to Mossberg for each and every trigger they make. How then is it right for another company to make a trigger with the same (or very similar) design and sell without paying royalties to the patent holder? I don't like Mossberg one bit...but I don't blame them for protecting that which they own the rights to.

    I know the writer that Brownells quoted was against Mossberg for suing. I know it is one gun company suing other gun companies...and I don't like that. But if the reality is that these other companies have violated the patent they should be called on the carpet.


  • All good points, all hard to argue.

    It just doesn't sit well with me.

  • Great post ddd!

    Having gone through the process to get a patent, I can say that I damn sure will take action against someone that infringes. Sure, they'll get a chance to do what is right before lawyers get involved... but I won't sit around and let my IP get stolen. That's the only reason to get a damn patent in the first place!

    Patents are good and bad... but the "big business" corporate thinking that is taking place today is the number one reason innovation and cooperation among companies is at an all time low. No amount of money is enough for most people these days it seems.

  • I'm in the protect the IP camp, unlike say, Google or Fartbook.

    Never used Napster back in the day or ripped a friends CD or pirated software.
    I have always though of that as theft.