Target images not uploading on mobile

  • I've only tried this on mobile, but I went to add two range reports and tried to add images, they went through the upload process but got stuck on Validating, and just sat there until my phone screen shut off (a couple minutes) the images never seemed to upload.

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    @rhyno Thank you for the post. I just tested it on my phone (iPhone 5s on LTE) and it uploaded and processed correctly for me. What phone/model are you using if you don't mind me asking? The more information we have the better :)

    Other things I would try is turn off your phone and turn it back on and make sure you are on a good connection. Other than that we will look into this as quickly as possible.

    Thank you


  • Samsung Galaxy S5 and Google Chrome. I'll try it again this morning.

  • Worked this morning all right, must have been something on my connection.

  • You can upload directly from your phone to the website?

  • @norcal_in_az said:

    You can upload directly from your phone to the website?

    Yes. The main part of Gunhive functionality is the firearm profiles and the associated range reports. When submitting those reports you can attach a picture, which you upload directly to Gunhive.

    The forums on Gunhive rely on 3rd party image hosting sites like imgur. This is desirable for many reasons, but user data security is very high on the list.