My 4yr old has a freakout in public, cops called.

  • So my wife goes to sioux falls yesterday for some surgery. Before hand they stop at a gas station to take a leak. My 4yr old son goes in with her. While they are in the bathroom, they hear a loud crashing noise from the other side of the wall, and my son freaks out... as he is prone to... since he's four fucking years old and gets scared accordingly. He hates thunder too. Scares the shit out of him.

    So he is trying to run out of the bathroom, while my wife is sternly telling him "NO, stay in here!" She ends up having to chase across the bathroom after him, while trying to pull her pants up... to be met by strangers at the door, whom proceed to try and take my son away from her. She finally gets him under control while telling those people to leave her the fuck alone and loads up in the van, and leaves. ... but not before some concerned citizen decides to photograph the license plate.


    Fast forward to today, and sioux falls PD calls huron PD, to send an officer to do a "welfare check." You all know how these fucking stories play out. So now, because my 4yr old son had a meltdown, as every fucking 4yr old does, we have to deal with the VERY real threat of the fucking PD, social services, and the government trying to rip our family apart due to some nosy son of a bitch stranger feigning concern for my son. As if they care about him more than we do!?!?!?!?

    I already have collected statements from people that are around him and have seen him freak out before. We've already got a list of witnesses such as managers of local supermarkets that have seen him have a meltdown before. I've already talked to other friends in law enforcement regarding what to expect. I've already tracked down a lawyer just in case this goes past the first statement given today.

    Experiences? Advice? I'm all ears people. Nothing matters to me more than my family... and THIS is the only real threat my family faces. Everything else is easily handled. However, when the fucking government decides they know how to raise your kids better than you... there is nothing more dangerous. If any of you have any experience with this, I'm all ears. the cops called on me because child had tantrum in public

    There it is. Story after story about cops digging into people's families.

    To all you goddamn people out there stuffing your noses where it doesn't belong, you're lucky I wasn't there... or I'd be in jail and you'd be in the fucking hospital. Only in a society this sick, can STRANGERS feel justified in trying to take a 4yr old from his mother. ... and in all those stories you can read about above, you'll see THOUSANDS of fucking cops that are perpetrating the worst crime you can perpetrate on a family, because they are "just doing their jobs."

    I'm so fucking furious at society, police, and the mechanisms in our so-called justice system right now... words do not describe.

  • I have no experience in dealing with the law or social services...but have worried about it before.

    My son is 5 now and used to have melt downs as well. At times I wondered what I was doing wrong or why they were happening...but I really believe that with some kids it is just part of growing up. I provide for my kids, I love them more than anyone else (except maybe their mother), I am raising them with good morals (religion), and I discipline them fairly and consistently when they are out of line. I don't believe anyone else (especially the government) is going to do a better job of raising MY children. Melt downs are a minimum now. We have tried several different things and for the most part have found what works. We can see the meltdowns coming and can usually avoid them or minimize them now. My 3 year old daughter is completely melt downs at all...just a little attitude (lol).

    I can't imagine a by-standing stranger trying to take a child from his mother. As a parent I would likely have become very defensive if they hadn't backed up the first time they were told to. I would be considering the real possibility that they were trying to use my child's behavior as a way to try and kidnap them.

    I feel for you and realize the real possibility that I could be in the same position if the right person decided to disagree with my methods at the right time.

  • Social services has power equivalent to non judicial punishment. It's illegal and absolutely bullshit.

    Sorry you have to deal with this. Best of luck if it goes further.

  • I haven't got a damn thing done today other than to spend every waking second learning about this and trying to protect my family from it. Suffice it to say that I will not allow my family to be subjected to this bullshit.

    This article was a nice little ray of sunshine among the hundreds of horror stories I've come across today.

  • My prayers and good thoughts go out to you and your family.
    Hopefully this is squashed quickly and with finality.

  • I hope everything works out Greg.

    Unfortunately I have no experience with it. But instances like this is one of many reasons I don't want to have kids.

  • The best of luck to you. The only thing I can add, be smart and try not to let emotion take over.

  • @428cj said:

    The best of luck to you. The only thing I can add, be smart and try not to let emotion take over.

    Right. Which is exactly what they count on. They prey on the most basic of natural instincts; the protection of your children. That is why the people involved in these bullshit false accusations are the worst kind of human scum the world has to offer. They actually think they are helping, while leaving a trail of devastated families in their wake.

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