• Something new coming down the pike.

    I emailed them to find out more about their reloading dies and cases:

    Cases and reloading dies will be available in mid-June. Filling OEM orders has absorbed most of our initial inventory and we are in the middle of scaling up production of our die sets. We need to have die sets available to properly service the reloading community. We will let you know as soon as they are ready. We have not finalized pricing but NAS3 cases will be priced significantly below new brass cases. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    General Die Information.

    There are two dies required to reload the NAS3 cases, a resizing die and a flaring die. NAS3 cases are manufactured in 2-parts which are held together by a high pressure compression joint. Conventional reloading dies can put undue stress on this joint. This is caused by the way cases are pulled by the head out of the resizing die. The pulling process can compromise the joint. To address this issue, Shell Shock designed a sizing die that incorporates a spring mechanism that pushes the case out of the die without damaging the case. A similar design is incorporated into the flaring die. This reloading technique puts no stress on the compression joint and does not damage the rim of the case. Shell Shock’s die sets will be available in early June and will be priced in line with other die sets available on the market. Shell Shock’s dies will work on most loading presses including Hornady, Lee and Dillon machinery. We will be posting a demonstration video of the reloading process.

    New NAS3 cases do not require sizing or flaring (less stations/operations on the loading machine), they are delivered sized and flared and ready for primer, powder drop, bullet drop and crimp.

    For now only handgun cases but according to email "Rifle cases will be available towards the end of the year. "