When do you shoot the neighbor's wandering livestock?

  • This is under my front porch.
    It has already strewn the contents of our trash can across the yard.
    Too big for 22LR unless it is right in the ear.
    I am not set up to slaughter a whole hog right now.

    http://i1366.photobucket.com/albums/r764/SuperTruckerTom/Pig under porch_zpsxufel7xz.jpg?t=1463342159

    I'll be posting some targets later.
    Home with severe Bronchitis until Wednesday.
    Was too doped up to touch a gun yesterday.
    I can use a rake though. Raked up the trash and whacked him on the balls.
    He must have balls of steel. It didn't phase him one bit.

  • Man, that critter will for sure make a mess.

  • My worthless dog won't even bark at it as it eats her food.
    The thing just ate a plastic bag of used cat litter.
    The guy that owns the hog will be home tonight.
    He is about 1/4 mile down the road.
    I had better get some bacon out of this at the least.
    A smoked ham would be better.

    Then again, maybe not.

  • If you shoot that bugga make sure it is a stone kill.
    I raised pigs and have hunted the wild ones most of my life and you would not believe how fast they, domestic or wild, can turn into a whirling dervish and cut the shit out of you with even short tusks.

  • I despise it when people don't keep their animals in. We have a leash law here...and there is a dog that chases and tries to bite me almost every time. I am debating what to do...but have been carrying pepper spray for now. It seems every time I carry the pepper spray he doesn't bother me. I bet he knows. I just shouldn't have to get bit by dogs just because the owner wont keep them up.

  • @mamalukino
    Yep, darn thing just knocked over the trash can again.
    Had a bungee cord over the lid so no spillage. he was trying to push it up under the porch with him.
    Put some dog food in a bowl and he followed me to the edge of the property.
    This bronchitis meds have me so dizzy right now.
    Codein based cough syrup that i am chasing with Smirnoff and OJ screwdrivers.
    Thought I was going to try to zero the AR later...
    Maybe not.

  • No message back from the owner yet.

  • Well in Nebraska the answer is apparently never laws are so messed up here.

    I could be driving down a tode, hit a cow that some idiot left out, total my car, paralyze myself, and kill the cow and the cows owner could sue me for damages to the cow.

    The way the law is written is if the owner isn't called (I believe its) 3 times, and the cops haven't told him to get the cow the owner isn't responsible.

    Because Nebraska is stupid sometimes.

    So my advice is to call the cops.

  • He is eating dandelions out of the yard now.
    Grazing like a cow. Gave up on the trash can after 3 tries knocking it over.
    The bungee cord is holding.
    Will probably wander home around dinner time.
    He got out a couple of months ago.
    The pig looks big enough to slaughter.

    i hate calling the cops.

    Situation under control.

  • If only all he would do is eat the dandelions then he'd being doing you a favor lol