Savage MKII magazine mods

  • So in the range report thread I mentioned some issues I was having with my magazines.

    The followers would push the nose of the bullet up to far and the bolt would shave some lead of.

    Well I had a spare mag follower so I decided to modify it to try and fix the issue.


    And then the other issue was that the front plate was scraping the bullet, so I ground some of that away.

    My only concern with the first issue is that I may have taken to much off which might not push the cartridge up fast enough and far enough to feed properly. I'll test it tonight after work.

  • As I feared I removed to much material on the follower and now the cartridge nose dives and doesn't feed right.

    Back to the drawing board.

  • @rhyno You may be able to rough the surface up and drill a few small holes, apply some JB weld or a similar compound; then reshape a bit more conservatively. The JB may not adhere to the plastic follower, however, the holes and rough surface may produce enough mechanical bond to work.

  • That's what I was thinking.

    Well I was thinking "man it would be nice to have a 3d printer now" but that's not gonna happen.