Gre'-Tan Bolt Bushing

  • Is it worth it? I've thought about doing it before, and then didn't shoot much, But now i'm shooting a bunch again and thought it would be nice, however I see he's currently up to a 5-8 week waiting time.

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    I'm running a rem 700 action and hate how the primers flow around the firing pin. I don't run hot loads and since I'm currently running a 223AI on that action, I sent off the bolt for my 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. I'll let you know what I think in 5-8 weeks as I sent mine off last Thursday.
    Once I get it back I'll be sending off my 223 bolt. When playing with different 223 loads I had a load that would cause a LOT of primer flow, but it wasn't flattened and the brass was perfectly fine. I justified it for myself to eliminate false positives. I believe @tscustoms has some experience with Gre-Tan, but I'll let him chime in if so.

  • That was my thinking as well, eliminate false positives and also be able to measure headspace with the primer in.

    But 5-8 weeks is a bit longer. For that time period I was thinking of shipping the whole rifle to him and get the action timed.

  • Having the firing pin bushed to eliminate the false positive is one of the most common reasons for doing so. It will also help eliminate some primer piercing issues that will have a tendency to come along with the excess cratering and hotter cartridges.

  • Compared to a new bolt, what is the price like?

  • $80 plus shipping is what I found I believe.

    Double if someone else tried to bush it.

    The link.

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    Ended up playing around with the .223ai a little bit longer, but here is an after/before pic of the primers on my 6.5 Creedmoor. Before I was running 41.5gr H4350 in a 24" barrel, the after is 42gr H4350 in a 20" barrel. I'm loving not seeing that giant nub. Pretty excited to see how the .223 bolt turns out! The flow around the firing pin was pretty bad in that one. I measured it out to .010" on average.

    left = current after getting the work done.
    Right = before work was done.

  • Wow, what was the wait time like?

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    the quote of 5-8 weeks is pretty accurate. I landed somewhere in the middle of that.

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    Very excited right now. Gre-Tan finished up my bolt! Total time from the day I sent it off to the day I got it back was right at 3 weeks. Looks fantastic. I will upload some before/after primer pictures once I get some rounds down the tube!