SD Steel Classic

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    Today Orkan and I took off on a cold and windy Friday to meet up with other Range Officers and shooters that will be attending the SD Steel Classic. The weather for this weekend looks like it will be pretty tough on a guy. Today the ROs were allowed to shoot and let me tell ya, a 30mph cross wind sure pushes a 22 cal pill around! That being said, the turnout is looking mighty fine!

    The prize table has a great value to it, and a couple of the items included are a BASE CPS from Primal Rights and a beautiful rifle spun up by TS Customs that can be seen here:

    I will be RO on stage 10, and I look forward to watching some steel get beat up!

    If you happen to get lost here is a link to the PRS event.

    You can type the following into your GPS to arrive at home base.
    35210 176th St.
    Orient, SD 57467

    Good luck at the shoot tomorrow and I look forward to meeting all of you!

  • Good luck tomorrow fellas. Luck, skill, ... if the weather prediction is correct, you'll need both! If you have a rabbits foot, lucky horse shoe, or some other magical charm, you better bring it!

    I haven't forgot how to shoot, and a couple stages gave me a whooping I won't soon forget today. Granted the wind is suppose to be about half what it was today, but when you've got targets scattered out to 1200yds on the South Dakota prairie... you can bet they won't give out those points easy.

  • Should make for an interesting morning. Bring your cold weather gear fellas! ;)


  • Windy, cloudy, and chilly today! A good time was had by most however. :)

    My eyeball was glued to a swaro spotter on stage 11 all day long. Targets were approx 545, 729, 887, 1186, and 1260. The far targets were beating up shooters all day long. Everyone laid down a valiant effort. Good luck tomorrow fellas. Looks like the weather is going to be more cooperative.


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    I was the eye behind stage 10 all day, and some people had the wind, some people the wind had them! Here is the first target and some pictures of what stage 10 looked like, from morning until the last shooter!

    Tomorrow will be a great day to pick up some points, and the running is VERY close!

    See you tomorrow!

  • It was a lot more fun today! Much better weather, a lot more targets got hit and shooters in much better moods because of the hits or the weather or both! Jake Vibbert took 1st, John Griswold took 2nd, and Travis Stevens took 3rd!

    Some shooters had a great time on my stage. Others, had complete melt-downs. Jeff Malczewski stood out from the crowd there however. While he came in 37th overall, he absolutely crushed this stage on both days, with a score of 8 on saturday and a perfect 10 with 5 first round hits today. Targets were from 545yds to 1261yds. Damn fine shooting and he won himself a new CPS for his performance!


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    There's not much traffic on the road on an early morning Sunday!
    Sunday was bright and sunny. The morning started off pretty chilly but the heavy clothing didn't stay on long.
    My stage had a rough start to the morning. Bumpy hills were all around this stage and when the switching wind was flowing over them it had a tendency to swirl. 3 of my targets would have right to left wind, the other two left to right. Just kidding! Now the wind is going the OTHER way for both targets! Some guys really ended up locking onto this and saw what the mirage was doing and did quite well. I ended up with two people who perfectly cleared my stage.

    Towards the afternoon there was a little break from the sun with some spotty cloud cover. Here is how stage 10/23 looked when it was all said and done!