Allow me to introduce you to a complete idiot.

  • Recently I had an odd comment on a Prometheus video on our youtube channel.

    My Cold Dead Hands commented on a video on YouTube.
    Shared publicly - Yesterday 11:15 AM

    Looks like there is too many wires and shit hanging out everywhere..

    I went and hand a look at this guy's youtube channel. I warn you, it's going to be hard to stomach the idiocy you're about to witness.

    My response:

    primalrightsYesterday 2:01 PM
    +My Cold Dead Hands Given the content of your youtube channel, it's safe to say that the only person that gives your opinion any weight, is you. I sure as hell wouldn't expect someone like you to understand a device like this.

    He went on to say about the Prometheus:

    My Cold Dead HandsYesterday 11:09 PM
    +primalrights I reload and I understand it. Just seems way to complicated for what it does. U can only weigh to a kernel. Which is usually .1 grain. You can't really get any more accurate than that. Unless you are using something like cfe223. It looks cool and has a cool light I guess. My charge master gets me to .1. Shit, my hornady drum charger gets me within .1. But hey. What do I know. I've only been shooting guns for 35 yrs. And you are correct. My opinion doesn't matter. How much is that by the way? $3000?

    My Cold Dead HandsYesterday 11:17 PM
    +primalrights btw. What do u mean by "someone like me"? Why so sensitive man? You can't take constructive criticism? The engineering looks great. I'll say that. Just thought the finish work (wires, connectors etc) could have been hidden better. Like the circuit board. You are touchy like a liberal.

    This idiot actually thinks a typical kernel of powder weighs .1gr. One tenth of a grain. ... A kernel of varget weighs right around .02gr. A kernel of H50BMG weighs about .05gr... which represents some of the biggest kernels you can find for standard reloading. As if that isn't bad enough, he thinks a chargemaster can throw charges faster than the prometheus.

    One look at that idiot's face and you can understand why anti-gunners think so poorly of us gun owners. Complete idiot, spouting off completely untrue things, in virtually every video he has.


    I'm curious... Why does the world tolerate people like this guy? I've never seen anyone with tattoos all over their face that didn't have a diagnosed or un-diagnosed mental disorder.

  • I've actually seen the video you posted up about 6 months back (the downfall of YouTube autoplay)

    I thought the exact same thing.

  • Most, if not all, of the facially tattooed individuals I have encountered have been convicted felons or would want to have people think they were.

  • That guy looks like the bad guy character from the cheesy Bruce Willis movie The Fifth Element, just a little fatter.

    To me, facial tattoos destroy all credibility a person has.

  • One of the worst ideas in modern history is to "not judge a book by its cover"

  • Well it looks like I get to file a copyright claim against this douche bag.


    The picture you see there was stolen from MY atlas bipod review from years ago. I'd be willing to bet the majority of this guy's content is ripped off from others. No doubt, he hasn't one remote idea about what an original thought feels like.

    If you happen across this idiot's video's... downvote every single one of them.

  • Well yeah, he was probably perusing your channel looking for content to steal, which is why he came upon the video of The Prometheus.