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  • Anyone running O rings between die lock ring and press on their single stage presses? I figure those folks with Forster presses would not need to, but some of us using RCBS , Lee or Hornady might benefit from this method.
    I have read this previously on accurate shooter:
    Ran across it again today and decided I will try it.

  • No range day? Everyday's a prep day, one way or another. Some more AR food.


  • More info on the o Rings helping concentricity and controlling runout.
    From the AMU.
    Handloading: Minimizing Runout Using Standard Dies
    by U.S. Army, Army Marksmanship Unit, Custom Firearms Shop - Monday, November 23, 2015

    The results of an experiment comparing TIR in 50 rounds of .308 match ammo loaded using carefully-adjusted standard dies, vs. 50 using “Match” dies from the same maker that cost 3 times as much, both with O-rings are given below:

    Standard Dies, TIR:
    0.000” – 0.001” = 52%
    0.001” – 0.002” = 40%
    0.002” – 0.003” = 8%
    None greater than 0.003”

    Lesser-quality “Match” dies, TIR:
    0.000” – 0.001” = 46%
    0.001” – 0.002” = 30%
    0.002” – 0.003” = 20%
    0.003” – 0.004” = 4%

  • @mamalukino Very interesting. I got to run to Home Cheapo later anyways, so it looks like I'll be picking up a few on rings.

    Any idea what size is needed or should I just take my die with me?

  • Silos filling up with Mongoose poppers.

  • nice! You get to shoot mongoose!?!?!?

  • In days gone by we used to shoot them in the backyard with 22s. :smile: They used to raid the chickens grabbing chicks and eggs. We would hide and wait for the raiders with our 22s. They are pretty sly creatures.

    Now you can only shoot them in areas where it is legal to hunt or large tracks of private property. I'm hoping to go behind the mountain with my son and "hunt goats" while he fishes. If any mongeese come around I will pop the bugga and take a picture.

    I have seen a couple out my window, but they are gone before I can pump the rifle up for a shot.

  • Sounds like you need a single-cock or Pre-charged pneumatic air rifle!

  • I think a pneumatic would be best, I don't trust a break barrel to maintain zero.
    On another note, one of our club members dropped a 240 lb boar with an air rifle, one of the .357 s, don't know the brand. 30 yard head shot, cold cocked, straight drop.

  • RWS makes a side cock single-cock setup with a fixed barrel. I don't have a lot of precision experience with them, but the little bit I did use one, it seemed pretty good! Damn thing was loud as hell thought. That spring and everything sounded like a real 22lr going off!

  • @orkan Here I will need a silenced version:laughing:

  • Some of the PCP rifles have built in "moderators" that end up with them being mouse fart quiet.

    This guy's channel is a wealth of information on airguns.

  • @orkan videos not working for me.

  • @orkan what he said^^^

  • fixed

  • Ended up getting busy the other day, but got the ~400 pcs of .223AI sized

  • @orkan Thanks...I think:laughing: another desire added......LOL

  • @mamalukino
    I have been running o-rings. It's made a noticeable difference with RCBS competition dies in a rock chucker. It's been a while since I figured out my current formula but I use an o-ring on the die body and another on the expander stem. It made a noticeable difference. I had asked some time ago about Concentricity but it didn't get far. I've done everything I can to control the occasional outlier but I still get them. If anyone has input of how you check and control concentricity, I'd be happy to hear it.

  • @a_marks Thanks for the info. I just added the o rings. I have the Forster FL die for .308 and will add a O ring to the expander stem. I have been using the Redding body dies and the Lee collet dies for my .308 and .223 bolt guns. I added the O ring to the body die. I don't think the collet dies would need it as the mandrel floats.

  • @a_marks I picked up O rings yesterday. It will be a while before I try em though. I have virgin Lapua brass to load next.

    What seating die are you using?

  • @norcal_in_az
    I was using the RCBS competition seating dies for .308 and .223 but have switched to Redding Competition dies for .308 and started with Redding for 6.5 CM. That helped make runout more consistent but I still get random outliers.

  • Picked up some 142 smk, WLR primers, to try out for the 260 when my rifle comes home.

    Surprised Cabelas in Mitchell SD had se stuff I haven't seen in awhile. Varget, Magnum Winchester primers.

    No CCI large rifle primers so I'll have to use Winchester.

  • I decapped and tumbled about 65 of my 44 mag brass today. They have about 4-5 hot loadings on them and are showing their age. I found another one with a split half way down the case. Thing is the primer pockets are not loose at all.

    I bought my first 44 mag because a good friend gave me 1000 brass and several thousand 240 gr semi jacketed bullets. The brass he gave me was bulk virgin with a "midway" Headstamp. I don't know if 4-5 hot loads is normal for 44 mag brass or not, but when I use up all of this brass I am going to probably try some starline and see if it does any better.

    I was going to load the clean brass up tonight, but I had it drying in the sun and a random shower popped they are wet again.

  • Electric screwdriver annealing while listening to DY. LC15...Now to load some .223s..:smile:

  • Fixing my 300BLK screw up. No resizing was necessary. Just recharging and capping.


  • Need to fill, then empty,then fill again...etc. :smile:

  • Been a busy couple of days. Got my 400pcs of .223AI all riced up (Thanks Orkan) and loaded 140- 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • Another 55 rounds loaded for the 6.5 Creedmoor.

  • I got some lead in from matts bullets today. I have done just enough casting to be dangerous so I didn't want to try casting for the 500.

    Left to right.

    A 44 mag loaded round for comparison.

    A 700 gr cast lead with gas check

    A 440 gr cast lead with gas check.

    The 500 should launch the 700's at just over 1200 fps. They are just for fun. The 440's are supposed to be best for penetration. They both should be fun to play with.


  • Has anyone used the Sinclair case length space gauge? I am curious as to the amount of space needed to allow safe case expansion. My intent is to trim over max case spec to allow seating bullets out without losing neck tension.
    Is this viable or a waste of time?

  • Yeah, they work fairly well. They can fit goofy sometimes... but they should tell you where it stops.

    The other way is to wax cast your chamber... but that sucks. ;)

  • What is a safe margin for expansion?

  • I don't follow? Safe margin for expansion where?

  • @orkan

    Safe margin for case neck expansion. i.e. .223 SAAMI max length = 1.760
    If your chamber length measures out to 1.772 will there be enough room for safe case 'stretch' if you were to trim your brass at say 1.768.
    The idea is to get as long a neck as is safe to use the short .223 rounds loaded as close to lands as possible and still maintain neck tension.

  • Oh, I see.

    It will vary per cartridge, as some don't grow much at all during firing. As long as you are about .010" away from the end of the chamber with the brass, that should be just fine.

  • @orkan
    Thanks Greg, that's what I was looking for:smile: .

  • Ran across this today from accurate shooter; How to on making your own chamber length gauges.

  • @mamalukino said:

    Ran across this today from accurate shooter; How to on making your own chamber length gauges.

    That is great. I'm gonna have to try that. Thanks for posting.

  • I have done that before. Can't say that it's super awesome. :disappointed:

  • Listening to DEEwhite and doing some primer pocket uniforming, flashhole reaming and chamferring new brass, only 15 more to go.


  • @orkan said:

    I have done that before. Can't say that it's super awesome. :disappointed:

    Went to Brownells online to get the tool for the .223 The shipping for the dang $6.00 part was 15.95 for the slow boat shipping to here, about a month's wait.
    I will wait until I can make the shipping worth it with a bigger order. In the meantime I'll try this.

  • @mamalukino

    If you had brownells edge membership would that help you, or would you still get the shaft being OCONUS?

    I got it about a year ago and it's paid for itself many times over. I don't feel the need to make big orders all the time, I can order a box of bullets here or a case gauge there without taking the hit on shipping.

  • They just upped the price for shipping here from 7.95 to 15.95 and from Priority to regular parcel post. The PP goes surface to Richmond Ca. and sits in a container until it is filled and then shipped via boat. During Christmas rush from 2nd week of Oct on it can take 6-8 weeks.
    I have to look at that membership and find out how they ship. There are still a lot of biz that ship priority mail using flat rate boxes and padded envelopes, Precision Reloading is one of them.

  • The good news is, the brass is ready to prime. The bad news is, the brass is ready to prime.
    I think my hands have done enough for today, they are threatening a strike.:smile: :smile:

  • @mamalukino said:

    The good news is, the brass is ready to prime. The bad news is, the brass is ready to prime.
    I think my hands have done enough for today, they are threatening a strike.:smile: :smile:

    Epsom salt soak with some turmeric....they'll be feeling ready to go in no time ;)

  • Got a bunch of 6.5 Creedmoor Annealed last night.

    While orkan turned some 6 creedmoor into 22 creedmoor.

  • Did some loading this morning. Should have sprung for a Chargemaster a while ago.

    I got 25 ladder loads done so I can make the switch to Lapua brass. I have WLR primers, 178 Amax bullets, In front of IMR4064. I picked the middle charge from my 49th edition Lyman and went up and down .4 grains. I have 5 each of the following, 41.2, 41.6, 42.0, 42.4, and 42.8. I'm hoping for some good results.

  • OCW is better than ladder. Just sayin. ;)

  • Not the best round of testing, but I think its pretty obivious where I should be looking. I was having a hell of a time with my shots pulling left of right yesterday.

    You guys think its worth doing another round with 41.8g, 42g, and 42.2 to see if I'm really in the node? Or should I just stick with 42g and work on seating depth?



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