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  • Maybe I am a bit slow and this is common knowledge......
    I primed 20 cases today.
    When that happy task was completed I scratched my head as to how to remove the primer feed tube from the CPS_LITE while it still held 80 primers.
    Well, I had noticed while setting up the tool yesterday that there is a hole all the way thru the primer feed when the feed slide is fully extended.
    This allows a small diameter rod (or in my case a hex wrench) to push the primers up into the tube enough to get the retention pin in 1 side far enough to prevent the primers from coming out.
    The tube is then able to be removed from the CPS_LITE body and turned upside down allowing the proper installation of the retainer and NO runaway primers!!:laughing:
    I thought I would share this newly gained knowledge, in the hope that I wasn't the last person to figure this out and someone thought it was useful....:laughing:

  • Useful indeed. :)

    I typically just unscrew the shell holder retainer and flip the entire shuttle system over and then take the tube out of the shuttle and put a pin in. ;)

  • Trimmed roughly 225 pieces of 6.5 Creedmoor brass yesterday


    then primed and loaded them last night.



  • Can some of you share/show how you trim, chamfer, and deburr brass, what tools you use and why you prefer your tools of choice. This is the most time consuming operation for me.

  • @ramirojpc said:

    Can some of you share/show how you trim, chamfer, and deburr brass, what tools you use and why you prefer your tools of choice. This is the most time consuming operation for me.

    I use a Lyman case trimmer with my cordless drill to trim. Then I have a Hornady case trio prep center. I run the inside/outside chamfer tools and the primer pocket cleaner. It's not the fastest, but it's a lot easier than using hand tools.

    You want the best fastest way to trim, get a Giruad.

  • I have a le Wilson micrometer case trimmer. The micrometer is nice and precise, but it is so....slooow.

    Then they get put on the Lyman case prep center. Chamfer/debur/fix primer pockets/brush the case necks/ream crimp if needed. Also slow, but faster than manually doing it.

    I have a little crow gun works WFT which I use on my range pickups for converting 223rem to 300 blackout.

    I'm absolutely buying a Giruad powered case trimmer, just as soon as I get my annealing machine.

  • Giuard is the way to go. It is fast and consistent. Does all three operations at once.

  • I too use a giraud. Trim, chamfer, debur all at once and it takes about 2-3 seconds per piece.

  • Been lots of lever pulling lately. Got some .223AI loaded and another 90 pieces primed.

  • Beautiful, gotta love the sight of clean brass and freshly prepped ammo. :smile:

    I notice you are using Winny brass any particular reason?

  • Looking at the Giraud! Is it really only $98? Heck, that is how much I spent on the Hornady trimmer and the RCBX 3 way cutter and I still have to use a lot of elbow grease. I emailed them for more info on purchasing. Thanks for the suggestion guys.

  • @ramirojpc

    If you go with that model it doesn't have a motor and it is $100/cartridge.

    If you go with the bench model it has a very nice motor and conversions to other calibers are cheaper. I would go with the bench model if I were you.

  • @ramirojpc

    That is it. It is pricey...but you will not regret it.

    I guess that is kind of like everything to do with shooting. :)

  • I was looking for some Sierra 6mm 107 grain match kings. I found them at Mile High Shooting only place after searching for a long time that had them. I ordered 300. Last night when I got home and saw the box I was like what a waist such a large box. I then open the box and inside was 300 pieces of Lapua 6.5 creedmoor brass. Now when I tried to tell them what I ordered today they said we are out of stock nothing we can do. Looks like 300 pieces of Lapua creed brass for 90 bucks is a bargain.

    I also use the Giraud. It is a time saving precise machine.

  • Hrm... I typically only hear good things about mile high. ... but yeah, you skated out nicely on that brass!

  • @orkan have you tried the lapua 6.5 brass?
    I would rather give the brass back and get the bullets.

  • I haven't yet. I have 500pcs sitting here... but haven't used it yet.

  • Went through my loaded .223 last night and sorted by runout. Out of 211 cases sorted I have 121 that showed runout of less than .0015. The majority of the rest were slightly over .0015 to .002 with a handfull coming in over the .002 mark all the way up to .0035.
    Hopefully I will be using 51 of the best for a 450 aggregate fun match in July here in Hawaii. 3-5 and 600 yards on a B27S silhouette target. Still have 50 more to check then redo all for 51 with zero RO.

  • Forgot to add this to previous post.
    I am looking for the least amount of runout from my brass.
    I have segregated brass at .0005 max , .001 max and .0015 max.
    My question is, at what point do you cut the useable brass and what do you all do with the brass that produces more than that measurement's runout?

  • 318803DB-CB8D-405F-B695-0418AA0E0216_zpsnltyofhk.jpg

    Ready for some more shooting. Stupid supplier sent two different lot numbers though...but it is not worth sending back.

  • @dddoo7
    One of the things I do is put a note in asking for same lot. Most will likely do it except the big two.

  • @jibnast

    Yeah. I called and they said they would if I had asked. Said they would even search for certain lot numbers if I asked so that could come in handy.

  • 300 pieces of .223AI brass ready to anneal

    100 pieces of 6.5 Creedmoor awaiting primer/powder/bullets

    Another 100 6.5 Creedmoor are taking a rice bath, .223AI and 6.5 CM rifles are being cleaned as well as the suppressor. It's been a busy and productive weekend.

  • Moving along. Need to get a few loaded up to confirm zero after cleaning


  • @brittel I love the bench-mounted about cranking'em out. I used to HATE priming...

  • Moving up production capabilities; first a CPS_LITE and now a Giraud Tri Way in .223!!:laughing:

  • @mamalukino you'll want to push that cutter in some. You want a slight chamfer on the outside of the case as well. Not all inside like that.

  • @orkan said:

    @mamalukino you'll want to push that cutter in some. You want a slight chamfer on the outside of the case as well. Not all inside like that.

    Thanks Greg, I was wondering about that.
    It was preset from Giraud's, arrived with a sample piece.

  • @mamalukino Giraud's claim of "you don't need to adjust it, run it as it comes" is most often not correct.

  • @orkan
    Thanks Greg, I am going to adjust it. I always had that slight outside chamfer when I did them all by hand. I got the Giraud to speed things up and also so that the inside chamfer was identical from case to case.
    I am overall very happy with my ammo builds lately and this should help tweek things to the + even more.
    Although my concentricity gauge is rather rudimentary it has given me the ability to better sort my ammo and the recent results on paper have been very good. and its members have given me a great deal of information and inspiration to take steps to improve all aspects shooting, from ammo prep on to precise accurate results.

  • @orkan Howz this; 3 are mine 1 is Giraud's sample:

  • Those are looking pretty good. I run a little more outside chamfer than that. Your three look better than the one giraud sent. ;)

  • I sat down at 3:30 with 100 unprimed cases.

    By 4:15 they all had powder/bullets and I was done. That includes breaking to shoot 10rnds to confirm the load. I do enjoy my equipment.


  • This was posted in another reloading group.

    Barnes has some interesting suggestions for how to use a 750 grain 50 caliber bullet.


  • @hypo there's some big varmints over in the Middle East I guess.

  • zombeavers.jpg

  • @brittel lol

  • Varmint Cong.

  • Is Norma decent brass?

    I have about 40 pieces that a friend shot at my place as pick ups.

    Priced about the same as Lapua when bought unloaded.

    Loaded seems to be a deal.

    $0.30 a round on sale.
    I may order 500-1000 for steel Practice and reload with 69 TMK

  • Norma can be good.

    Can be bad too.

  • 50 6.5LRM, 50 22 Creedmoor, and 100 223AI all getting scrubbed together.

    Then the segregation happened.

  • Here are a coupla hundred ready for the CPS_LITE.....

  • CPS priming bliss... ~260 rounds primed in about 20 minutes... including primer tube fills. This is a relaxed pace, and I was setting those 104 pieces in the loading trays after priming.

  • I'm guessing this is not going to increase my accuracy...unless it is some kind of aerodynamic advantage thing that Berger is trying.


  • Ewe! Yeah, don't think thats to spec. lol

  • haha, I have had one out of 2500 look like that. It appeared to have had a double jacket, as almost the entire bullet was peeling. It was a 140 VLD Target bullet though.

  • All fired again. Fifth loading.



  • Never try to clean pennies and other coins along with your brass in a wet tumbler.

    Just don't.

    So I knocked the primers out of 100 7.5 Swiss, 42 270 Winchester, and 60 30-06 and I looked over at a jar of nasty pennies that were in a car cup holder and had an idea.
    Sure just dump them in with the brass and then take the clean pennies to the change counter at the grocery store.

    Not too smart. When I cracked open the tumbler it had a head of foam on it that looked like a root beer ice cream float.
    All the brass had a caramel color to it.
    Smelled like a mixture of soap and cola.
    Brown syrup looking liquid.

    Tried to rinse it as best as possible then tossed it into the oven for dry.

    Now it all looks like Russian lacquer coated steel.


    Dry tumbler in the future for sure.

  • @hypo

    I have done that before too with similar results. I do some metal detecting once in a while and threw a bunch of dug coins in. Didn't turn out good.


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