The Loading Log

  • Norma can be good.

    Can be bad too.

  • 50 6.5LRM, 50 22 Creedmoor, and 100 223AI all getting scrubbed together.

    Then the segregation happened.

  • Here are a coupla hundred ready for the CPS_LITE.....

    99% of the Lawyers make the rest look bad.


  • CPS priming bliss... ~260 rounds primed in about 20 minutes... including primer tube fills. This is a relaxed pace, and I was setting those 104 pieces in the loading trays after priming.

  • I'm guessing this is not going to increase my accuracy...unless it is some kind of aerodynamic advantage thing that Berger is trying.


  • Ewe! Yeah, don't think thats to spec. lol

  • haha, I have had one out of 2500 look like that. It appeared to have had a double jacket, as almost the entire bullet was peeling. It was a 140 VLD Target bullet though.

  • All fired again. Fifth loading.



  • Never try to clean pennies and other coins along with your brass in a wet tumbler.

    Just don't.

    So I knocked the primers out of 100 7.5 Swiss, 42 270 Winchester, and 60 30-06 and I looked over at a jar of nasty pennies that were in a car cup holder and had an idea.
    Sure just dump them in with the brass and then take the clean pennies to the change counter at the grocery store.

    Not too smart. When I cracked open the tumbler it had a head of foam on it that looked like a root beer ice cream float.
    All the brass had a caramel color to it.
    Smelled like a mixture of soap and cola.
    Brown syrup looking liquid.

    Tried to rinse it as best as possible then tossed it into the oven for dry.

    Now it all looks like Russian lacquer coated steel.


    Dry tumbler in the future for sure.

  • @hypo

    I have done that before too with similar results. I do some metal detecting once in a while and threw a bunch of dug coins in. Didn't turn out good.

  • Loaded up some more 308. 100 down. 80 to go.

    I found this when I opened a new box of Berger bullets. It is the first time I have ever seen this. Kinda cool.


  • It's cool to see companies do stuff like that.

  • Well I got a phone call from a friend about an hour ago asking if I wanted to go out to the desert and shoot tomorrow. Problem is I shot all but 20 rounds today lol. So I'm loading up 50 rounds tonight so I can be ready to leave at 4am.

  • I'm at a loss and need some advice before I move forward. I have once fired Lapua brass that I'm trying to bump the shoulders back on. I'm using a Forster FL die and the Redding Comp Shellholder set.

    To set up the die I'm putting in the .010" shellholder, turning the die down till it makes contact, and going about another 1/8 turn for a positive cam over. I measure my brass before I size, I then size and I'll get the same length. (base to shoulder) I'll go to the .008" shellholder, same measurement. On and on all the way through to the .002" shellholder.

    Now the five cases I've done so far all chamber very easily after sizing. But again they're not getting bumped back. Am I doing something wrong or should I just run with what I have?

  • @norcal_in_az
    I had the exact same problem out of a forester fl die as well. Forester asked me to send them two fired pieces of brass and two properly sized pieces of brass so they could see what was wrong, but I didn't worry with all the trouble my whidden die sizes just fine. The only reason I was going to use the full length sizer was so I could turn the necks.

  • I have never used the redding competition shell holders. The same thing can be accomplished by just backing the die out slightly. When the die is set up correctly it will bump the shoulder by a few thousandths. If it cannot bump the shoulder then the die is not made to specs. I had one die that after about 50,000 rounds through it, it would not size far enough even when screwed in all the way to the shell holder. I ground off the bottom of the die so that it would size properly...but you may not want to do that with a fairly new die.

    Also keep in mind that the die you have would probably work just fine in a loose factory chamber...but your new barrel and match chamber should be much tighter.

    What are you using to measure how much it bumps?

  • @dddoo7 I'm using the Hornady case comparator.

  • @dddoo7 correct me if I'm wrong @norcal_in_az but you're using a Lee press?

    I was never able to reliably bump size on a Lee press by backing the die out.

  • @rhyno

    Very likely may be the case. I've never tried it on a Lee press.

  • @rhyno @dddoo7 nope no longer using my Lee for this. The Lee is for decapping duty in the garage. This is being done on a Pacific/Hornady single stage press.

  • You could always grind down a regular shell holder a few thousandths...but you really shouldn't have to. Maybe Forster will make it right.

  • @dddoo7 yeah I'll call Forster tomorrow and see what they say. I shouldn't have to grind down a shellholder considering the Redding shell holders do just that.

  • Well I tried my Lee shellholder and with a few adjustments, I was bumping back the shoulder .001-.002.

  • Working on my test rounds. I did a pressure ladder last week and narrowed down to what I hope to be my low node. Also I used the posted load data on Gunhive to find out if I was in the right range of charges and sure looks like it. I have 3 rounds each of 41.0, 41.3, 41.6, and 41.9 grains of 4064. I also pulled some of the last rounds I had loaded as they seemed to be on the edge of hot. I reloaded five of those at 41.0 for fouler/sighters.

    I have a business trip tomorrow and Wednesday, so I'm hoping to sneak away for a few minutes on Thursday or Friday to shoot these.

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