.223/5.56 Brass

  • How bout some input on .223 brass; what you use, recommend and why.
    I have been using LC brass, due to having a load of it.
    I only use the once fired for my bolt gun and segregate it once it is fired from that gun.
    I am wondering if I should be using Lapua or some other premium case in stead of the LC.
    So, what you think?

  • I've never had great success with LC. Winchester has given me the best luck on the economy side. Lapua... well it's typically worth it. ;)

  • I got a ton of LC and that's what I run through my AR.

  • @norcal_in_az I have never reloaded for a .223 bolt gun until I got this Howa. It has been only ARz . Like you I have a ton of the LC.


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