TapAtalk app?

  • I tried searching for the forum on the tapatalk app for Android and I couldn't find it. Is the forum going to be able to be followed via the app?

    Anyone can get angry — that is easy — or give or spend money; but to do this to the right person, to the right extent, at the right time, with the right motive, and in the right way, that is not for everyone, nor is it easy.



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    @oilfieldjosh Hey Josh and thank you for the post. We have designed Gunhive.com to be extremely mobile friendly and as such it has a great mobile interface. Many other forums use tapatalk because their sites do not scale to mobile very easily...this one is different. We would encourage you to use it a bit by just going to the site and using it. Get a feel for how the different controls work as well we think you will find it to be quite mobile friendly as is.

    If there is a feature you would like added you can post it in https://forums.gunhive.com/category/105/gunhive-com-feature-requests we can see what we can do.

    Thank you,

    GunHive Support

  • Yup extremely mobile friendly.

  • The site is very mobile friendly. The thing I like about tapatalk is the instant notifications. I wonder if that might be something we could incorporate at some point.

    I would have posted in feature requests as you directed, but it is locked.

  • https://forums.gunhive.com/category/105/gunhive-com-feature-requests

    Creating new topics in the feature request section is definitely not locked.

    This forum has instant push notifications as well. ;)

  • @irish while this site IS VERY mobile friendly, many of us use tapatalk for many other forums, it gives us one interface to access many conversations. it would be nice to include gunhive in that single interface.

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