If you are going to vote, here is something to think about....

  • Casting your vote for Hillary can be made in a number of ways, casting your vote for her, voting for a 3rd party candidate or not voting at all. Wasting a vote upon a candidate that doesn't have a snowballs chance in hell is a vote for the continuation of the status quo; so is casting no vote and voting directly for her will earn you the curse of a thousand poxes.
    With that in mind I am posting this article that may offer a ray of true hope and change for this beloved country of ours.
    Please read it through with an open mind, it may enlighten.



  • Some big assumptions there. Namely the electoral college. It doesn't really matter how us individuals vote. Hasn't for a long time. If popular election would win it... those fuckhead clintons and obama would never have been elected.

  • @orkan I tend to agree with you on this to a degree. I may be naive, but I believe an overwhelming voter turnout can change the course being set by the globalists.
    People are saying, in essence, through Trump "we are tired of the status quo Bullshit and we are not going to take it anymore".

  • @orkan AL Gore would have won though.

    I try to keep out of the political conversation since I have a feeling g I have very different opinions on a few things.

    But I will say that I don't want to vote for any of the remaining three candidates.

    Unfortunately I'll have to choose one between two of them, and it's definitely not going to be Hillary.

  • My guy didn't win. I wanted Cruz for president before he annouced he was running. But I'm sure as hell not going to stay home and give a 1/2 vote to Hildabeast. I'm voting for Trump.