Ant Poison

  • Ant Poison

    1 cup water
    2 cups sugar
    2 tablespoons Borax

    Boil in pot in stove for 3 minutes, let cool & put in shallow container(s) in home or outside. This is poison kool-aid for the ants. They drink it, take it back to colony & share and it kills the whole colony.

    I just put some out in the home and outside, will report back with results. Others have said it killed all their ants, I'm hoping for the same. This will not harm dogs or cats, they'd have to ingest a lot of borax for it to be lethal. Same for kids :)

    • I've been using this for 5 summers now. It only comes out once the ants start invading our home...which when you live in the country and it gets super dry out, the ants will go anywhere looking for food. Most of the time they stay outside where they belong ;)