Glock 42 Anyone?

  • With my CCW coming in a few weeks, I've started looking around at CC pistols. I've handled the Ruger LC9, the M&P Sheild, the Glock Compact 9 (can't remember the model) and the XD9 SF. But today the counter guy showed me the Glock 42. I wasn't really looking for a .380, but I love how small it is. I was able to slip it into my jeans pocket, and with a belt clip on it, I could hide it easily in my waist with my shirt tucked in still.

    So anyone have one or tried it? With ammo, I shouldn't really have to worry about knock down power at 20 feet or less right? I still have my Glock 21 for HD and open carry when I need it.

  • XDM Compact 9. Give one a whirl. You might stop asking about glocks afterward. ;)

    I don't care for the XD's so much, but love the XDM's.

  • I used to conceal an XDM when I lived in a free state. I actually just sold it not to long ago.
    For my money I'll buy and carry a glock.

    Like Orkan says give it a whirl. Glock 42's are banned here so I've never put hands on one.

    Shooters preference

  • Cool. I'll look for a XDM too. Not in a hurry to buy anything so I plan on looking for a while.

    I was also told to check out the Taruas as well.

  • I have a glock 43 and it is ok. I carry it when my glock 19 is too big to carry. Thing is...if you are going with a 380 there are a lot smaller options that are just as reliable. I wanted a 9mm so the 43 was a good option for me.

    My bro in law has an xd-S 9 and it is about the same size. I just prefer glocks for Cheap, reliable carry pistols.

  • Banned

    Here are pictures of the different ccw guns I've carried in order over the years.


    I really liked the full sized XDM but it was too big for EDC for me because the grip always stuck out of my shirt. So the XDM compact was the perfect fit for what I was looking for. It has a 13+1 capacity and you can use full sized 19 round XDM magazines (9mm) It is extremely accurate and I've never had a fail to feed, eject, or any problem with it. I found the .40 recoiled too much for my liking. I like being able to take multiple shots while being able to get back on target quickly. The bobcat, lcp, and tcp were just too small for me and hard to get a great grip on. But they make great pocket guns for when you are in a situation where you really don't want people to find out you are carrying a firearm. I've shot Glocks but I didn't like the angle of the grip on them. I have not shot the Glock 42.

    This is certainly not the definitive guide to everyday carry but here are a couple of things I've learned over the years of carrying:

    • get a good holster. Spend the money on a quality one because without a holster you can wear comfortable for long periods of time will get extremely annoying. You are probably going to be driving with it, sitting in different positions and on things like chairs, couches, etc. and whatever other activities you get into throughout the day and you want it to be as comfortable as it can be. I've spent a lot of money on the different cheap holsters only to find that they are a fantastic waste of money. I use the Crossbreek Super Tuck Deluxe
    • buy a lot of the defense rounds that you will be using in your gun and make sure they function. I can't tell you how many times I've seen people go buy a gun, get 250 rounds of FMJ, and 1 box of 20 hollow points. You have to know your hollow points are going to function flawlessly in your carry gun. I use Speer Gold Dots
    • shoot with it when you can. A good practice that I like to do is every now and then I will pull my XDM out of the holster and just shoot it. Go through a whole magazine to make sure it still functions and performs correctly. It will give you peace of mind. Just about nothing is more unsettling then when you pull out your carry gun and it doesn't fire, fails to feed, extract, or jams. I had that problem with my Beretta Bobcat and got rid of it quickly after that.
    • keep extra magazines around. In your vehicle, at your desk, around the house. It is always nice knowing that you have more ammo around. The XDM compact also accepts 19 round full sized XDM magazines so it is nice to have a couple extra of those around.
    • your pant size will go up 1 or 2 sizes because of the gun if you use a IWB holster. That is just something you will have to do is get different sized clothing.
    • get a good belt. Thin floppy belts will get annoying super quickly. I use the Ares Gear Ranger Belt

    I'm sure others can add to the list and good luck with whatever you choose!

  • Thanks, that is some very good advice. :smile:

  • Well I found a Taruas today at Sportsmens Warehouse and fondled it. It felt great in my hand, but it was heavy and the SA trigger had a long take up. The price makes it very attractive, but I think it's not the one for me.

    I can CC my Glock 21 now in the small of my back, but long periods of sitting with it sucks. I'm trying to loose weight right now, and currently wear 38-40 waist pants. So I hope I can shrink and not have to buy bigger pants Hahahahaha. I also already have a 5.11 belt.

    I'm really leaning towards the sub compacts because of my work attire. I wear long pants and a tucked in polo. So IWB carry is not the easiest option. Being able to pocket carry or even ankle carry is very appealing to me. Also having a lighter gun, will work better when I'm running or coaching in gym shorts.

    The thing I loved most about the Glock 42, was being used to my 21, everything is in the same place.

    Thanks for all the advice guys. It's really helping.

  • Ankle holsters take about a month to get halfway comfortable...and that is with a 12oz keltec 380. It is also very difficult to get to. I do not intend to use an ankle holster again unless I feel like I need a backup.

  • I think I went through 3 holsters before I found one I liked. I feel like that's to be expected when getting started.

    Also a super tuck holster from crossbreed lets you tuck your shirt in. They're quite comfortable. I think that's what Greg had in his video above.