If God Created Everything...Who Created God?

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    Imagine a fish in a fish bowl looking at their humans and assuming that they cannot breathe because they do not have gills. The fish is applying the logic of the fish bowl to everything outside of the fishbowl and assuming that the same standards hold true. Being inside a fishbowl is all the fish knows and one can see why the fish might be confused as to how a being outside the bowl might breathe.
    If God created everything, who created God? If God created everything, then does that statement demand that He created Himself?

    We know that God created this world (Genesis 1). He created light. He created the sky and space. He created the land and water. He created plants. He created the sun, moon, and stars and put them in orbit to create time. He created birds and fish. He created all land animals. He created man. He created space, time, matter, the world and all that is in it.

    If He created everything in this world, then He exists outside of this world. If He exists outside of this world, then He exists outside of the laws that govern this world such as space, time, and matter. Being outside of this world and the laws that govern it give Him a power that we cannot fully comprehend. Just as the fish doesn’t comprehend how beings outside the bowl can breath without gills, we don’t fully comprehend how God exists outside of the laws of this universe we live in.

    God is eternal (Deuteronomy 33:27). God is all powerful (Luke 1:37). God is all knowing (1 John 3:20). God is the creator (Genesis 1:1). Each of these qualities are beyond what we can comprehend due to the laws and nature of the universe that we live in. However we, unlike the fish, have been created with the cognitive reasoning ability to at least understand that the laws of our universe are created by a God that is not bound by those laws.

    As one reads the Bible it is often easy to read into the text what we believe instead of what the text actually says. John chapter one is a text that discusses creation and one that most of us have read countless times. Verse three is the one that specifically applies to this discussion. It says, “all things were made by him (the word/Jesus) and without him was not any thing made THAT WAS MADE. It is easy to read this verse and quickly say that God created everything...however that is not what the verse says. It says that He created everything THAT WAS MADE! God is outside the constraints of time, space, and matter and He was not created. He is the eternal, all powerful creator!