Rock Island 1911

  • I bought a new pistol last month. Actually, I bought two the first one went right back to the shop. Both were Rock Island both 1911's chambered in 40 Smith and Wesson. The first one jammed from the get go I even tried two other brands of magazines and three different bullet profiles all factory no handloads. Most of the jams were from partially extracted fired brass I didn't figure this was going to work itself out and shot over 70 rounds and never got a single magazine to feed properly. Anyway it went back and I agreed to either buy another one just like it or wait for this one to be returned from RI but I wasn't about to pay for shipping to have a brand new pistol repaired the manager agreed so he replaced it. It took about two weeks for a new one to arrive and I'm happy to report so far so good. I had two incidents where the slide didn't quite go into full battery and just had to bump it a little and the factory mag doesn't lock the slide back every time for some reason. Both of my Wilson Combat mags work just fine I think the slide latch is just a little tight. As far as accuracy I'm no good with a pistol but from a good rest it shows to be very capable.

  • Glad the new one is working. 1911’s can be a money pit!!

  • @orkan I fired a magazine of hollow point handloads and it gobbled them up just fine the fit on the slide to frame is really tight. The manual recommends 500 rounds to break in I believe it.