The Joys of Country Living: Water Edition

  • Just finished having the ranch house replumbed because the Polar Vortex in February scaled the rust in every inch of the 90 year old iron pipes under the house. That nearly cost me a stroke from frustration with clogged plumbing, dumbass plumbers, and a tank of propane said plumbers drained while attempting to get old water pipes out of the way. Odd, I had never heard of anyone running 1/2” flexible copper water line and using flare fittings on both ends. I told them at the time that didn’t look like it had ever had water in it and, oh by the way, do you smell propane under there? Sure smells like mercaptoethanol out here in the yard. Turns out it was the dryer gas line after all. A return call got that fixed. But the house looked like I’d paid a demolition team to tear it down. A second return call got the shower valves and tub valves resecured in the walls but did nothing about the 4 foot by 3 foot access panels they cut in 90 year old quarter sawn tongue and groove wallboards. The massive holes are not even approximately square either, nice.

    So, today the Better 3/4s decided it would be nice to accompany me to the ranch. The pump really seemed to take longer than usual to shut off after the obligatory inspection of the flush toilet. When I returned from a quick trip to add a snap link to the new gate chain the pump was running again/still running. Not good. Now the PVC intake line is spewing water and is partially melted. While we are in town to see the County Clerk, stop off at the pump guy to get new, stainless inlet piping. Pump guy says the pump impeller is likely melted as well and it will take who knows how long to get parts. I started reassembly after dark because Deer Season. Trusty Ridgid pipe wrench won’t even nearly bite on stainless nipples, so all this has to be assembled with 14” Channellock pliers and a 16” Crescent wrench by feeble light from the kitchen windows. Sure as you’re born, the impeller is fried. Won’t build enough pressure to shut off. Going back to town tomorrow to leave expensive Grundfos pump to be repaired and go by Tractor Supply to get raped. I mean to see what they have in Chinesium pumps to maybe get enough water pressure restored to at least make the toilets work again. I knew it was a mistake tearing down the outhouse…

  • @rr2241tx When it rains, it pours ... or maybe not! Feel your pain.

  • @shakeyhand I should buy a lottery ticket! Turned out somehow the jet broke in half AND the pump guy had a salvaged part! We swapped out the automatic pressure switch for one with a low pressure cutoff that will keep this from happening the next time the cistern runs dry. Flush toilets are restored and my Better 3/4s wants to stay through the weekend.

    Backstrap, gravy and mashed taters for supper tonight!