Köninginscheibe 15-6-31

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    Found this target on the wall of Schilo’s Deli downtown San Antonio TX on Tuesday. We all admired it for a while then moved along. On further reflection, this is quite a find. Until about 1949 women were generally not allowed to shoot in the Schützenvereins competitions, their role was to get the meals ready, mind the children, and bring fresh beers. Well, it seems that at least one club did have a competition for the women. This is a Queen Target from 1931 and the winner is A. Krauße, the target was painted by Linda Schraps, implying that she had won in 1930. The wooden target is riddled with tiny holes which suggests that it was shot with a 4mm Zimmerstutsen at a time when most mens competitions were shot with either 38-55 Ballard or the newer 32-40 Ballard cartridges. The New Braunfels Schützen Verein has the records of the San Antonio Schützenverein, founded in 1857. It is possible that this target can be traced to that club and the shooters identified from the records. Or not. There were many Vereinen, clubs, still active in 1931in this area of Texas. We do not have all the old clubs’ records, but we’re working on finding those and preserving this part of the heritage of German culture in Texas.

    If you’re planning to visit the area, let me know. I’d love to meet you and show you around the oldest continuously active shooting club in the USA. We will definitely shoot a few targets. It’s not as easy as it sounds.