Venison Stew

  • 3.5# venison ham cut in 1” cubes
    1/2 head cabbage rough cut
    5 Jalepeno peppers seeded
    5 stems celery
    1 large baking potato 1” cubes
    1# Cherry Tomatoes
    2 large onions rough cut
    2 cups whole kernel corn
    2 cups chopped okra
    2 quarts beef bullion
    4 tbs smoked paprika
    2 tbs camino
    2 tbs garlic powder
    1tsp allspice
    1tsp coarse black pepper
    1/4 cup olive oil
    (Bag of carrots chunked) I didn’t have any tonight.

    Brown venison in olive oil
    Add beef bullion
    Boil 1/2 hour covered
    Add veggies and spices
    Simmer 2 hours covered until potatoes are cooked.

    Serve with Mexican cornbread and fresh peppers to taste.

  • @rr2241tx Sounds delicious! I think I might add 1tbsp tomato paste to help those cherry tomatoes and thicken the sauce. My father-in-law used it in his Brass Rail stew and Julia also used it in her Beef Bourguignon but maybe the cherry tomatoes are enough. It is certainly stew weather around here now and this recipe has made my mouth water!

  • @rr2241tx Yum!

    Have you ever made venison broth to go with it? My grandma did when I was younger. I recall it being a tricky craft, there's a fine balance in the cooking time to tone down the gamey taste or really make it overpowering.

  • @lottie I’ve never considered making venison broth. It sounds delicious though so I think I’ll wash out the big stock pot and give it a whirl. There’s a large pressure canner at the ranch and several cases of pint Mason jars so if I manage not to screw it up, I’ll can a bunch for use throughout the year.