What if they had never said anything?

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    What if Paul had never said anything to Peter? Peter had been eating with the Gentile Christians as long as the Jewish Christians were not around, but when the Jewish Christians came around Peter would refuse to associate with the Gentile Christians (Galatians 2:11-14). Peter was not acting right and was leading other Christians (including Barnabas) away from the truth because of his actions. What if Paul had never said anything to Peter? What if Paul had been worried about hurting Peter’s feelings? What if Paul just decided to “mind his own business” and go about his way? Where would that have left Peter? Would we have the books of 1st and 2nd Peter? How many more Christians would have been led astray by Peter’s sinful actions?

    What if Steven had never said anything? The Jews were not happy that Steven had been teaching about Jesus, so they arrested him and brought him before the High Priest. Concerning the accusations brought against him, the High Priest asked Steven, “Are these things true?” (Acts 7:1). Steven then speaks. He explains the Jewish history of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. He tells of Joseph being sold into captivity. He tells of Egypt and Moses leading them out of captivity. He tells of Joshua leading Israel to the land of Canaan. He tells of Solomon’s temple. Then he tells them that they, just like their fathers, have killed the “just one” (Jesus). After hearing this, they took Steven out and stoned him. Steven became the first recorded martyr for Christ. What if Steven had not said anything? What if he had just “minded his own business” and not been teaching the people about Jesus? Where would that have left Steven? Where would that have left the people?

    What if Jesus had never said anything? The world was lost and without hope. Without the sacrifice of Christ there was no hope for anyone. Jesus came down to this earth and brought grace and truth (John 1:17). Jesus opened our eyes to salvation, forgiveness, hope, eternity, and love. Jesus taught mankind about God. Jesus established the church. Jesus made a way and showed us the way to get to heaven. What if Jesus had never said anything? What if Jesus had refused to bring truth? Every single person that has ever lived would be lost for eternity.

    Yet Jesus did come. Jesus was willing to speak. He did bring us truth. It was controversial. He was hated for it. He was crucified for truth. Yet in bringing truth Jesus brought life to those who believe that truth. Then Jesus gave us the task of taking that truth to the world (Matthew 28:19-20).

    What if we don’t say anything? What if we keep truth to ourselves? We will likely be more popular if we don’t say anything. We will probably be persecuted and hated less. However if we don’t say anything we leave those around us condemned. Confronting people with the truth is not always easy. Truth is not always popular and many times is not welcomed. Truth is sometimes hated and the one who speaks truth will be hated as well. However, God has given us through His word the power to save souls. He has given us the responsibility to take that truth to the world. If we speak His truth, that truth will change people. That truth will save souls. That truth will make a difference to the few who will receive it.

    Let it never be the case that a soul is lost because I was reluctant to tell them the truth.