Umarex Colt M4

  • It's been a while back probably the year these copycats were released when I was in an Academy and bought this one. Absolutely no Colt genes in this thing just the name stamped on it in a couple of places. I took it out on its first outing at Thanksgiving whatever year it was and never got it to shoot a magazine without some kind of failure. I had a Remington 597 we ended up shooting cans and other things behind the barn here at the ranch after putting the Colt up. It got sent back to Umarex and I don't know what they did but it was fixed. I tried adjusting the bolt speed screw until I was blue in the face that day and was ready to wrap it around a mesquite tree. I shot it a little bit after I got it back and lost all interest in it. Smith and Wesson started making their clones and others showed up but I never took the bait again. Might spring for a true AR rimfire but not interested in one of these. I drug it out today and screwed my suppressor on it and took it for a spin with some Winchester M22 and Federal Auto Match. It had a CMore co witness sight I put on it and was shooting high as heck and I didn't want to fool with adjusting it so I put a Vortex Strike Fire dot on it I had in the cabinet. I never could get it to sight in shot high at 60 yards with the adjustment totally low. I unscrewed the suppressor and it shot about three feet low. I don't know what is going on with that I never shot this thing with a suppressor I do have a fake one on it just for a thread protector. I bought an adapter a long time ago to put a suppressor on it but never did the barrel has a metric thread or some weird pitch I don't remember. Anyway, I finally got it sighted in and was banging a 5" steel plate at 60 yards pretty good with the strong wind that built up this afternoon. If it's not blowing a gale tomorrow I might set up the bench and see what it does with the dot sight at fifty and a hundred. Sure would be nice if the suppressor could go back on:(
    There the picture worked.

  • I got pretty good with this set up hitting the steel plate at 100 yards and inside and have burned up almost a brick of bulk ammo. I've had a few light hammer strikes and a couple of jams the bolt gets really dirty fast I gave it a quick brush and a shot of Rem Oil and called it good. The adapter on the end of the barrel does two things it has 1/2 x 28 threads for suppressors and other devices and it also tensions the barrel to the action. The barrel is inside a shroud that gives the appearance of a heavy barrel. The 1/2 x 28 tenon on the adapter is really long so to attach the dummy it needed a spacer so the threads wouldn't bottom out on it. When I attached the Yankee Hill suppressor I didn't get maybe three threads for engagement and without it the adapter bottoms out on the baffle. I made a thinner spacer and got more threads and also some clearance between the adapter and the baffle. Now it shoots fine with the suppressor before it shot really high. The whole design of this rifle is a train wreck to really clean it is a total disassembly not impossible but a little time consuming. The really plus I will give it is the magazines they are super easy to load. I don't know if these are still being made I haven't seen one on the shelf in a long time the other brands pretty much blow them away.