Lawn Ornament Today

  • This little fellow was so busy checking for a hot doe that he nearly ran into me in the front yard this morning. He’s young but showing potential; 8 good points by Texas count and carrying mass all the way out. I really hope he makes it another 3 years and can truly be a boss buck.

  • Yeah he could really turn into something. Thanks for the pic!

  • @rr2241tx Bucks have been showing up here also.

    Just got back from a quick trip out 29 to my brothers small ranch near Art. The water level in Buchanan looked good in that inlet near the highway. Took the South road back into Llano for once and I enjoyed getting to see the south bank of the Llano river.

  • There was five small bucks behind the house here this morning. Two were engaged in a sparring match with their horns entangled not a serious fight more like practice. One pretty good sized buck wasn't paying any attention to the ruckus and one little nubbin spike that was staying out of everybody's way. Yesterday evening it was all does except for the tiny spike and two evenings prior pigs broke up the party until I cut their visit short. Once they find corn on the ground it's over for the deer.