RimX Bore Guide

  • I looked on a couple of websites and they were out of stock so I made one. They say you can use a Remington 700 guide just take the ejector out I went ahead and cut the groove in this one. Wasn't the prettiest but works perfect. I figured I would cross thread the little screw holding the ejector with my luck if I took it off. This one would never pass QC the white delrin gets dirty and the groove looks like a termite chewed it out. Need a mill and a slit saw.
    I even did the O ring groove but don't need it I made the diameter .700 and it fits snug even did a little detail in the end next to the barrel that centers on the taper.
    Don't know why this camera takes blurry pictures guess I need to change the setting on the lens.

  • Good job! Like that green