Upgrade the 4wd CanAm

  • @buddhaman so many toys, so little money.

    I drive a Jeep Rubicon so this is a little further down on my priority list but it is amazing!

  • Looks like something Mad Max would be tooling around in. We were hunting one time down around Laredo and the Briscoe ranch was next to us and they had dune buggies that looked kind of like that running around checking coyote snares on the fences.

  • @shakeyhand @bigfoot
    Both of you are right as far as I feel about it. +, add (or rather should I say subtract) $100,000 out of your wallet for what ..... a big muscle underneath your foot. I don't know about off-road , but the street version looks like a lot of fun to run down a crooked road. I wouldn't want to get in a wreck in either one, though.
    It's amazing when you think about how money gets spent and for the reasons in doing so. I've known several wealthy individuals from the past that would like to have back a portion of the money that video poker machines ate. They're not poor these days, but they're not wealthy either. But then again, measuring wealth can be done in many, many ways ..... out in the expansive vistas of Texas is one of my favorite ways of feeling rich. Thank you for helping keep it that way.

  • @buddhaman A lot of this brush country is getting chopped up into "ranchettes". They section the lots off into 11 to 11.98 acres so you can get a house and septic on one acre and throw a horse or goat in the other part and ag exempt the property. Some of the counties though aren't falling for that you have to produce for several years and show some viable income. If you have a couple hundred million buried in coffee cans there's a 80,000 acre getaway for sale right now in the Panhandle area even comes with 40% of the minerals. An old ranch about six miles from me just traded hands for 34 million and change. Just outside of the tiny town of Bigfoot developers have just finished a ranchette subdivision just for grins I might call the realtor they have big signs on all the gates going into the strips of land.

  • @bigfoot Oh my God, heaven don't come cheap.