San Antonio

  • @bigfoot
    I've liked going to San Antonio since I was a kid with my parents bringing me there from back in the late 50's . I'm curious, I took this photo about 8-10 years ago .... I don't know anything about it. I was wondering if you had been to it in the past. It's sort of between the historical downtown district of The Alamo/Riverwalk and in the Southtown area of the 900 block of S. Alamo near Rosario's Restaurant. Thanks


  • @buddhaman Thanks for the link. Acapulco opened after I’d vamoosed to Lubbock but Ice Houses were definitely a common thing in New Braunfels up into the 1970s. They were always open front sheds with swamp coolers and sprayers on the tin roofs; this was before our houses had AC so it felt mighty cool in there. Huge jars of pickled eggs, finger sausages, and ice cold beer from all the local breweries on tap straight from the ice room. German town so no one was too nosey about whether your folks were actually there or not as long as you wanted a draft and could slide a nickel across the counter. Polka music all the time and the news was in German on the radio. Not much “diversity “ in my neighborhood back then. My family was “die Auslandern” since we were Scots, but we got on fine since we were from Llano and spoke a little TexDeutsche. I’m of the opinion that the country was way better off back then.

  • @rr2241tx glad to have struck a chord with you about earlier times. Sounds like the culture was and remains rich, something that makes memories genuine, filled with detail.