Decisions in the Dark

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    Making decisions in the dark can quickly lead to regrettable decisions. Walking through the house without turning the light on can easily lead to a stubbed toe. Getting dressed in the dark might mean we end up wearing one brown shoe and one black shoe. The problem with darkness is that we often do not see or comprehend our surroundings enough to make correct decisions. If I am walking at night and cannot see the rock in front of me, then I don’t know it is there and I don’t know that I need to step over it and invariably I will trip over that rock. If I am walking at night and in darkness and cannot see the cliff in front of me, then I don’t know that I need to stop walking and it is quite possible that I will walk right off the cliff without even knowing that it was there.

    Light is of great importance because it reveals truth. Light does not keep one from tripping over the rock or falling off of the cliff. Light simply makes the information available so that we can make an informed decision. In the physical world, this usually happens without even thinking about it, but it still happens. We constantly use light to avoid dangers and almost certain injury hundreds of times a day. However, it is possible on a fully lit day to trip on a rock. It is possible to see a rock, know it is there, and still not take the actions necessary to avoid that rock.

    Psalm 119:105 describes the word of God as the light to our lives. It says, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” God’s word has been given to us for the very specific purpose of showing us how and where to walk. When we approach life without His word, we will stumble around, make mistakes, and suffer spiritually simply because we are stumbling around in darkness. The word of God shows us how to direct our steps spiritually. The word of God reveals the pitfalls and struggles that will come our way. The word of God gives us hope, faith, prospective on life. The word of God brings comfort and peace through trials. The word of God reveals the way to worship God. It reveals the way to salvation and forgiveness. It reveals God’s eternal plan and how we fit into that plan. God uses His word to give spiritual light to our lives.

    It is fully possible for us to know that light is there, see the dangers it reveals, and still be tripped up. The word of God reveals these spiritual pitfalls, but it does not force us to make the correct and righteous decisions. If we see someone constantly walking into a tree knowing that it was there we would wonder what was wrong with them. When we, seeing through the light of God’s word continue to act in a way that is spiritually damaging to us, we must also wonder what is wrong with us.

    Other times we use the word of God on an “as needed” basis. We sometimes wait until we trip over something spiritually to pick up the word of God and start studying. We wait until our lives are a complete wreck before we begin trusting and following His word. Then, once our life seems like we have it together again spiritually, we tend to pull way from His word once again. The word of God is not an “as needed” light. It is a light that we are to constantly use in good times and in bad. We are to use this light when we are struggling and when we are strong spiritually. When we trust the light that He has given us, we then can follow His will and He can accomplish great things through us.

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