Modern Hay Operation.

  • Back when I was in high school I got roped into a little hay hauling. Square bales that were either tied with wire or string and if the machine was a good one they would be tight and easy to handle with a hay hook and your hands. Gloves were a must your fingers couldn't take the abuse and grass burrs took all the fun out of it. I don't know what those bales weighed back then I had plenty of muscles but if you didn't know what you were doing you didn't last long. We threw them on a trailer and stacked them then threw them off the trailer and stacked them again in a hot barn all for pennies per bale. A few times we had a trailer with a loader talk about work your but off for free. A half a day of hauling hay sure made you sleep at night once you quit having cramps. Good ole days. I rode down to the hay operation going on earlier and retrieved my camera for a few shots of the equipment used in todays time. They still do square bales some are huge and of course round bales of different sizes But I haven't seen this done. They cut it rake it and bale all in the same day then wrap it up airtight like silage. Supposed to be better quality I told him I hoped I don't look over there and see it all on fire later from spontaneous combustion. He assured me it wouldn't. Sure easier than one bale at a time on a trailer just a lot of expensive equipment to pull this off and their cutter blew up yesterday no telling what that will cost to fix. I got a video of this whirlygig running it's pretty neat.

  • @bigfoot it does look like it's making sausage.