Fine Tuning A Vortex Fury

  • Putting in the required info into the firearms cartridge data is of coarse, the first step including velocity, BC, ect. 2nd step would be to put in velocity readings at different temps, hopefully 20-30 degree differences in temp. But if your elevation and windage adjustments for distance are still a little off, then you can manually alter the clicks in your app to coincide with your actual POI.
    It's in your owner's manual if you own a Vortex Fury HD 5000 AB. Here are a couple of images from the manual:



  • Been playing with one of the fury AB bino's for a while now. Nice little units for the dollar.

  • If you're willing to flip coins, I'll flip coins for your range finder. Cadillac!!!!
    I think the Vortex will work fine for 1000 yards though.