• Ehrenscheibe or Honor Target is a part of the Germanic traditions upheld at New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein. Each year at the final match of the year a painted wooden target provided by the previous winner is shot offhand and awarded to the shooter hitting closest to the aiming point. This target was provided by my shooting partner, Scott McCash. I borrowed his rifle and loaded it with what I incorrectly assumed he was sighted in with. The shot broke right on the edge of the 5/8ths aiming point. There were still a long line of shooters waiting to shoot and breathing got difficult at times as I waited to see whether my shot would hold up or not. This one is going up on the reloading room wall. 09lAXzk.jpg

  • Pretty awesome.

    What distance?

  • Congratulations! Looked like a couple of shooters winged the Rodeo Clown - any penalties for that?

  • @orkan 100 yards with 22LR. I shot a Ballard #6 with a 28” #4 barrel and a Unertl 12X 1.25” objective on a .75” tube body. The rig weighs right at 14 pounds.

  • @shakeyhand No penalties, you sign your bullet hole though so you try not to embarrass yourself by hitting the edge of the board. Offhand shooting with long barrels and sun-sonic bullets is a great way to work on follow through.