New Alpha Munitions OCD 22 Creedmoor brass is insane!

  • Alpha Munitions has taken brass manufacturing to an entirely new place. If they had stock, I'd go broke buying it right now.

    So, I tried to kill a piece. I mean, all brass can be loaded hot enough to fail, right?

    I put 47gr of H4350 into the case on top a CCI-450. This put powder heaping above the case mouth. I carefully put it in the press and gently put a 75gr ELD-M on top of it, and guided it into the die. I crushed it in there with such force that the seating stem gouged the bullet. The seating depth was way off... because of crunching a full neck of powder. I ended up being jammed into the lands about 60 thousandths and had to pound the bolt closed.

    Here's what that shot chrono'd:

    Here's what the case looked like when I ejected it. It didn't even come out hard.

  • About as hot as lightning .... very impressive.

  • @orkan
    Would this work for the 22BRA you are building just by necking it down to 22?

  • @buddhaman sure would.

  • Purchased some brass since @orkan post. Excellent customer service. They've provided me with some extra's as well ..... key info on the particular caliber of brass and free downloadable cards that can be printed out and placed on top of your ammo box that they provide to you when you order brass.
    Thank you Alpha Munitions.

    6mm BRA Small Rifle Primer
    Thank you for your purchase of Alpha Munitions 6mm BRA brass. In this message, we have included key dimensions of the brass to aid in bushing and mandrel choices. If you need any additional information please feel free to contact us directly.
    Key Dimensions
    I.D. .241"
    O.D. .266"
    Loaded Diameter .2685"
    Dia. Tolerance +/- .0005
    Flash Hole .08"/2.03mm
    AMP MKII Code - 0141