Prone to Getting a Flat Tire ...

  • Maybe no more, maybe with the new Michelin ????

  • @buddhaman They have had these for several years for commercial yard mowers like the John Deere Z trak and others. Guess they work

  • @shakeyhand I have a set on my hustler super z mower. I want a set for my skid loader. (but I'll probably just get rid of my current one and get a tracked model)

  • @orkan
    Tracked like BobCats sure have a tendency to tear up your yard/grass. But if you have hard dirt/rock/gravel/stone, well that's a different story.

    I'm wondering if Michelin will be making an off-road tire .... seems like it would be a good idea to minimize tire problems.

  • Tweels, as Michelin calls them, are good in specific circumstances but they tear right up if you get rocks in the spokes. I’ve been running CAT skid loader tires filled with foam for 19 years in granite rocks and heavy thorns. Two tires ran 15 years with a sidewall cut from the tread right to the bead from the first weekend they were in use. The current set went on in June 2017, there’s a bite or two out of the tread but nothing yet that will cause a failure. They’re rough riding and cut up the ground but a heck of a lot more rugged than rubber tracks and Tweels in my applications.