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    The Bible is full of great people who made mistakes. Moses, in a moment of pride struck the rock instead of speaking to it as God commanded. (Numbers 20:10). David, in a moment of weakness committed a sin with another man’s wife (2 Samuel 11). Noah, after getting off of the ark planted a vineyard, made wine, and got drunk (Genesis 9:20-21). Almost every great character in the Bible made at least one mistake that was also recorded. Many of the mistakes that were made were of such a nature that they would have broken many good men. However these people were forgiven by God, picked up the pieces, and continued serving God. Even after Moses’ moment of pride, God still used him as one of the greatest leaders of Israel for many more years. David, in spite of his mistake, was one of the Godliest kings that Israel ever knew.

    It is often easy to become discouraged when we have done wrong. It is often easy to feel hopeless and as if we will never be able to be of service to God. Our mistakes often come with consequences that help remind us not to make those mistakes again. David lost his child as a consequence of his mistake. Moses did not get to lead Israel into the promised land because of his mistake. Yet these consequences did not stop them from serving God, but rather they used them as a reminder to stay faithful to God.

    Have you ever stopped to ask yourself where we would be if the great characters of the Bible had quit after their first big mistake? Adam would have given up after eating the fruit in the garden. Abraham would have given up before Isaac was even born. David would have not been the great king that he was. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, James, and Jude would not have penned the New Testament.

    When we sin, we have done wrong and if we continue in that sin it separates us from God. However, if when we sin we turn back to God we are by His grace forgiven of that sin. Even if we have struggled with great mistakes, God still has a purpose and a work for us. God will still use our lives to accomplish great things for His kingdom if we will allow Him to.

    We all struggle with sin. We live in this wicked world that is constantly around us and constantly trying to influence us in the wrong direction. We must continually fight for what is right in our mind. Through these struggles that we face, we must never ever ever give up. As long as we keep striving to do what is right we have hope, grace, forgiveness. As long as we keep striving to do right God will use us to accomplish His will. The only time we are truly beaten is when we give up. The only time we are truly useless to God is when we decide that there is no hope in spite of what He has promised. When you find yourself in sin, ask forgiveness, pray, trust His grace to forgive, and continue your work in His kingdom.

  • @dddoo7 such reassurances delivered to mankind from God, a wonderful reminder of the power of Gods' Grace.