Flash Sale at CMP

  • Any of you catch this sale? 5,000 CCI Standard Velocity for $354 delivered. The notice arrived in my inbox at 0850 and the page was already 404 by 1020 when I was able to respond. Even by current standards that is impressive; sold out in less than 90 minutes! The good news aspect is that maybe this signals a slowdown in the panic buying that has kept the shelves bare for the past few years.

  • @rr2241tx I certainly hope so! I shoot CCI clean sub-sonic now because I hate to clean the compensators that are on all of my steel challenge guns and I was able to buy a case at $12.99/100 (msrp) about a month ago but nothing since then. I have cut back to only shooting pistol optics to make sure it will last until supplies improve. We usually shoot 160 rounds per gun at each match... that is if the shakey hand behaves ;)

  • @shakeyhand I picked up another brick of Norma Tac 22 last week at our local shop here and they had CCI Clean Subsonic but I didn't ask the price. They have been getting a little bit of ammunition lately and they did have 17WSM but not a single box of 22 magnum or 17HMR. Very limited center fire in stock and not a single box of shotgun shells. They did expect a pallet this week of shotgun shells. It will be sold in a hurry.

  • @bigfoot Dove season in South Texas...

  • Academy had several pallets of rifle ammo in the aisle waiting to be shelved this afternoon! They also had loads of 12V feeder motors, 6V batteries, and 6V solar cells. Apparently the new sporting goods buyer needs to be given an opportunity to go back on unemployment.