TS Customs 223 AI and 6.5 Creedmoor

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    Recently I had TS Customs spin up a new 6.5 Creedmoor barrel at 20" to replace my 26"er. Last year Orkan and I went out and put his .17 Rem to work on some prairie dogs and it didn't take more than the first shot for me to want in on it. While the 6.5CM was still fun at this job and hits a ways out were quite fun, it didn't do quite what I wanted.

    As you can see in the later part of the video, the 140 vld's just pencil through. I wanted explosions too!

    So we started a list of full custom items to collect, and then came coyote hunting season. Well time flew by and the itch to blast some sod puppies needs to get scratched now! So we sourced a .223 bolt for my Rem700 action and Travis went to work, doing what he does best. I was very pleased with how this turned out. Below are some pictures of the finished rifle, sporting a 20" 223AI barrel.

    Today we started working out a load and settled with some 50gr V-Max bullets fueled by some Varget. You can check out and follow my progress with this rifle here: https://www.gunhive.com/firearms/56c7760d8ead0e270c8b4569/
    Note this is winchester 223 brass being fire formed to 223AI. Below is a clean bore group at 100 yards with 1/2" dots. The first shot low, second a bit above, 3 and 4 are touching and of course I pull the 5th :sweat:

    I'll be sure to post some groups once the brass has all been worked over.
    I have no doubt these groups will tighten up nicely, after all, the original 6.5 barrel Travis spun up put out some nice groups!

  • Awesomeness. :point_up:

  • What stock is that beauty wearing?

  • I remeber when I had some p dogs I could shoot out my back yard off of my porch, fun times until I moved.

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    @mamalukino said:

    What stock is that beauty wearing?

    Bell & Carlson M40

  • @brittel I like that stock. Your rifle sure looks mighty fine.:smile:

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    Keeping my thread updated as I go. Here is a 10 round group at 300 yards shooting Hornady 75gr BTHP. The .223AI will certainly teach me a bit more on wind reading than the 140VLD's out of my 6.5CM! There's almost .5 mils more hold for a 15mph wind at just 300 yards between the two. When I shot this there was a 15-20mph swirly wind.

    And some nice pics from the day before after a storm rolled through just missing me.

  • @brittel said:

    When I shot this there was a 15-20mph swirly wind.

    Didn't seem to bother me. :expressionless:


  • That's one reason I want a 223 train better for wind.

  • The 223 AI is all i shoot anymore.You will do good with the 50gr vmax.I run the 50 vmax and have been very happy with it.I am also running the 75gr amax and for the bigger critters it gets the job done.Travis did a great job on that rifle.