Trigger Tech Triggers

  • I have a couple Trigger Tech Diamonds. I've never used a Trigger Tech Special. I like my triggers at around 1.5 pounds. Is there any difference between the special and the diamond other than the pull weight adjustability? I'm starting to piece together some parts for another rifle and i'm wondering if I can get by with a special if I don't plan on shooting it under 1 pound.

  • In theory the special at that weight is going to be more reliable... as it is likely to have heavier springs in it to provide a more positive reset.

    I have both diamonds and specials... and I've yet to have a problem with a special. If you're running 1.5lbs, I'd use a special for sure. No reason to have a trigger that goes to 4oz when you're up in the 1.5lbs range.

  • I shot one of my rifles at 10 ounces for a while. It seemed like I could “feel” the trigger better at a little higher weight if that makes any sense. I wasn’t sure if the way the specials “break” was any rougher or different than the diamonds.


  • Disclaimer: I know nothing about Trigger Tech triggers or any Remington 700 pattern triggers for that matter.

    I love my Kidd 10/22 two stage trigger, however. I have it set to 8 ounces on the first stage and 8 ounces on the second. The first stage has just enough travel to let me "settle" on the trigger and then I get the crisp and clean break of the second stage. To my untrained finger, the second stage break also feels very repeatable at the 8 ounce setting. I can highly recommend it for anyone who is looking to improve their 10/22 trigger. It is well built, durable, repeatable, and easy to adjust.

    Kidd also makes a single stage 10/22 trigger and that is what I run on my steel challenge rifle. It is set to 1 lb. It also is crisp and clean with just the "right" amount of take-up and over-travel.

    This all is not surprising considering Tony's background: Gunsmith and trigger expert for the Army Marksmanship Team. He was the first civilian to be placed in their hall of fame before he left and started his custom Ruger 10/22 clone company. I know this sounds like an add but I have tried and used his products and have been very impressed with them. In addition, his advice regarding accuracy dovetails nicely with the advice that Greg has given. If accuracy is your goal, he recommend the longest, heaviest, unthreaded barrel he makes from the Walther rifled blanks.