Big Grasshoppers

  • Since all the rains in South Texas we are having a bumper crop of grasshoppers. All different varieties of the crazy things. Natures lawnmowers I guess. The big green ones are almost prehistoric looking with their tiny wings and horse heads. They will bite too if you grab them wrong and spit juice on you. This particular one wouldn't leave the shade of our front of the barn so finally I caught it and tossed it out in the yard. It's already back about the only birds around here that can eat one is roadrunners he's as big as the vermillion fly catchers we have here.
    . MNPrvbC.jpg

  • What a big ol' dinosaur there!

  • I've heard that they are bad up Orkans way also. They are clogging the trash screens on combines making the operators get out and clear them out every once and a while. It seems to be worse on the Deere combines.

    Don't have flycatchers but I did have 3 pairs of nesting Painted Buntings this year. Lots of just fledged chicks at my millet feeder. They have already left for Central America so I am left with Cardinals, Wrens, House Sparrows, Red Bellied and Downy Woodpeckers, and a flock of Blue Jays that would strike fear into that grass hopper. I have a road runner that visits once a month to see what is crawling in my post oak pile of rounds from a tree that fell this year. He can have all the copper heads he can eat!

  • @shakeyhand Millions of them here no doubt... but I haven't seen a monster like that one pictured above!

  • @orkan Those eyes remind me of a certain avatar that I saw recently. I hope that hopper doesn't have the choppers that the avatar had...

  • I have eaten shrimp smaller than that thing.