Friends You'll Always Have

  • The term friend has been used so often, without much thought behind it. I can attest to having a handful and I'm forever grateful.
    0_1629202483371_005_5.jpeg Mel and I must have been born twins, and his wife Eileen is the warmth of the sun
    0_1629202504133_DSC00318.jpeg Theo Chaisson .... a most genuine bayou man, native born of indigenous parents
    0_1629202533167_DSC00172.jpeg Lance ... a gentle giant
    0_1629202554261_DSC00417.jpeg Brent ... I call him Ugly Red ... he makes me wet my pants with laughter
    0_1629202576811_DSC00430.jpeg Millard has passed away ... his pride, 7.6lbs on top water
    0_1629202602102_IMG_0944.jpeg And I'm ashamed to say that I haven't made the trip to San Diego to see Paul & Annie in 20 years, but we talk on occasion .... They brought me in to their house when I was down on my luck while out in Utah. Thank you!