Berger Hunting Bullets

  • It has come time for me to lock in a hunting load for this fall (6.5 PRC). I have a combo tag for Montana, but drew a Missouri River breaks archery elk tag. So this is mostly for Mule deer. I have quite a bit of data from different powders and the Berger Hybrid Target 140's. I have heard from a few reliable sources, that I definitely should switch to the elite hunter for hunting purposes, especially with the 6.5 calibers. The 140 hybrid and elite hunter are almost identical, so I doubt there would be a ton of work getting them to fly well. I would be looking at a load of 57-57.5 of H1000 sending it about 2975.

    I have started the preliminary tests with the 156 EOL's. From what I can tell I would be looking at a load of around 55.5 grains of H1000 or 57 grains of Retumbo both going about 2875.

    I did some studying with calculators and the 156 does retain about 150 more ft pounds of energy at 600 yards. I don't see myself shooting past that. I feel comfortable shooting much further, but not for a first round 1moa impact with varying environmental conditions. Those kinetic energy calculations are 1450 for the 140's and 1600 for the 156's @600. Almost identical elevation adjustments and the 156 shows a tenth of a mill less adjustment with a 10mph full value wind. (I doubt I would take a 600 yard shot with more wind then that)

    I have only hunted Northern MN and the longest shot I've ever had to take on a deer is 250 yards. is 150 more ft/lbs of energy worth chasing?

    One more added tid bit - The 156's bearing surface with my 2.950 max mag length is seated about half way up the neck shoulder junction. Where as the 140's are right at it. Seems like the 156 would be better suited for a medium action.

  • 156’s are known to work well. Safe bet for sure. The 140 hybrids should be avoided on game from what I’ve heard. Elite hunters are good to go.

  • I have taken a few whitetail does with the 156 from 120 yds to 330 yards both right behind the shoulders. They performed extremely well. All pass throughs golf ball size exit wound and none made 10 yds. I would not hesitate to use them on Mule Deer or even Elk.
    My load is pushing them 2935MV with 58.6g of H1000 in Hornady brass seated 3.032 COAL, 2.336 to the ogive. I am shooting out of a LP Medium action that feeds them flawlessly.

  • I cleaned my barrel out with CLR and wipe out patch out and shot another pressure ladder with 156's. Velocities were nearly the same. Slowed down 5-10 fps for each charge weight. Could've been environmentals, it was 15 degrees cooler. Pressure came on at the same charge. There is a nice node around 56 grains of H1000 where they are traveling at 2870. The groups were around 1/2", dealing with a 10 mph wind.

    I shot the 140 elite hunters and they shot very well as expected. Massive node from 57-57.8 of H1000. 2950-2970. At 58 grains it jumps to 3010 and has pressure signs. I had never shot these bullets before, but these charges, velocities, and groups were pretty much the same as the 140 hybrids.

    I think I'm done messing with this gun lol. Need to get another on order.

  • Glad you're having success!

  • Remember when I said I was done messing with this gun? I had some ELDX 143’s laying around and I was going to be at the range anyways. Here’s a 6 shot group at 300 yards with them. 2990 FPS. Solid group considering the 15MPH head wind.

    Do you guys find that a 12 o'clock wind affects point of impact much? I find that it definitely blows me around a little bit.


  • 12:00 and 6:00 are the worst wind conditions to shoot in. Very difficult.