Daily Check in!

  • @shakeyhand So far nada. It is evading us.

  • @bigfoot I got about an inch today; plus a foot and a half of thunder. We went from too dry to overseed to too cool to germinate. Pisser.

  • @rr2241tx It looks like after drizzle all night maybe .5". Lots of thunder too this little bit might kick the oats off they are already up a couple of inches. Weather wizards say it will be right back in the 80's next wek.

  • @bigfoot Back in the 80s sounds good for planting ryegrass. Overnight drizzle left 1.4 inches in the gauge.

    Sure do wish I could deer hunt in town. Even the young bucks are looking good this year. Hard to believe that it’s November and it still looks like early April around here. Heading out to deer camp tomorrow; many bulls will be shipped whether we fill any tags or not.

  • I was walking down one of the pipeline right-of-ways two days ago and a 6 pointer was chasing a doe around and he had only one thing on his mind - he was totally oblivious of me. Could be a rough winter for them because we have almost no acorns this year. Ended up with 2.10" here at the house. Should be a good time to plant rye because the deer seem to like it.

  • @rr2241tx The fellow that has the cows here lives in Hollywood Park and has deer eating the shrubs. He called yesterday and said he had a 14 point buck in the driveway. Last month there was buzzards in their back yard and a yearling was dead it somehow got locked up in the neighbors yard and couldn't get out. Kerrville is like a zoo deer everywhere in town almost dangerous to drive through.

  • @bigfoot Same situation in my neighborhood; big bucks, does and fawns everywhere. Can’t have anything outside that even resembles a plant. Our redbud tree is 6” at chest height and still wearing a split plastic pipe to keep the deer from killing it while polishing their antlers. It really isn’t unusual to have 20-30 deer sleeping in the yard. We try not to startle any that happen to be asleep in the entrance because they sometimes run into the (expensive) side lights instead of escaping into the yard.

    North Zone general season opened Saturday. There’s herds of raccoons and loads of small hogs but deer are few and far between. One guy in our party shot a doe Saturday morning, the rest of us have to get by on tree frog chirps.

  • @rr2241tx That's funny - we have a red bud that a buck scraped almost half way through. It recovered the next year but then toppled over during a storm last year. It has sprouted again (above the graft) and this time is behind a chicken wire cage anchored with T-Bars. Same thing with my Japanese Maples - caged until they are big enough to face the onslaught. The deer have left the Periwinkles alone but have demolished the Geraniums and Begonias. I have even seen them eating on the Yaupon which is supposed to be a natural vomit inducer. Does like to leave fawns all over our property and I have followed several of them through the yearling stage.

  • It's hump day for the nine to fiver's Wednesday for me and trash day. Highlight of the week I don't like trash pits or burn barrels out of sight out of mind. Our county road has two old burn barrels scattered out along the fence close to the main highway some goblin dumped. I had a semi productive day yesterday I did some reloading for 22-250. My set up isn't totally indoors like my old place so I have to watch the wind it makes the scale drift but it's doable. I can always shut the south door as long as it's cool this summer I tried it in the heat I sweated like a pig. I can weigh powder and seat bullets in the house I just have to figure out how to clamp the arbor press to the table and the powder measure. I have Wilson chamber type seater dies for most of the stuff I shoot. The main press is mounted out in the shop for resizing and priming. Anyway, I've got some 55 grain Bergers, 55 Ballistic tips and 55 V Max loaded with H 380 and CFE 223 in the V Max loads.
    Perfect every time:

  • Tomorrow is the November Steel Challenge match at our local club. Weather looks great so no excuse to miss. I'll be shooting pistol optics and I am going to concentrate on:

    1. Looking at the first target during the ready position and keeping both eyes open
    2. Firm grip and don't slap the trigger
    3. Turning from the waist not the neck and arms

    Wish me luck (I'll need it - there is that shakeyhand after all)

  • @shakeyhand Break a Leg!

  • First night in my ranch house in a year! The rusty pipes are gone! The central heat is on! I forgot the new fill valve for the master bathroom at home! Los Vatos are almost finished with the right of way fence! I have at least six black Brangus roaming around loose in the pasture with no fence! I’m out of money! Taxes and winter feed bills are coming soon! It’s such fun being a rancher.

  • I've been processing some brass this week some I picked up at the range and some from my rifles. I had already sorted through this stuff before moving so it's been inspected pretty good I still found a couple of split necks and bulged pieces though. The survivors all got full length sized and double tumbled before bagging and going into containers for future use. Here's some advice when handling brass especially old stuff wear your glasses and gloves and keep your grubby fingers out of your eyes. There's something in the oxidation of the brass that is bad for tear ducts and eyes in general. Might be powder residue and primer residue also but keep your hands away from your eyeballs. Ask me how I know. I ruined my Wilson case trimmer cutter trying to trim some Nickel plated Winchester brass I should have left that stuff alone lucky I have a brand new cutter for a spare. I might do a little pistol brass later but I have about had enough fun for a while. I volunteered to cut firewood today so I better find my snake boots and gloves I put fresh gas in the chainsaw last week and ran it a little. Got to love a Stihl saw:)

  • Well, drinking two cups of coffee before the match did NOT help the shakeyhand! ;)
    (but it did taste good on a cool morning!)
    There is always next month!

  • No one north of the Lower Colorado River will understand this, but it was just too cold to hunt this morning in Tow; the weather station said it was 38 degrees at the Granite Point station and there was FROST on the grass. The Missus and I earned me some brownie points by cooking her breakfast and then what started out as washing the dishes turned into 5 hours of cleaning the house while she “test napped” her new quilt.

    I discovered that the reason the water pump wouldn’t pump was because one of the transmission poles was missing 15 feet of its top! Lightning must have struck it. It sure pays to know the local boys: I placed an automated service request about 1330 and by 1430 there was a bucket truck with parts and two repair guys here to get my water well going! Almost had to put my phone on airplane mode because the COOP supervisor kept calling to make sure the crew found me and had everything they needed, then he called again to tell me the pump was running water into my cow trough! Refreshing change from Pecker Lectric who might take three work days to show up to see what they might need for the job. Pecker Lectric IS proper; LBJ was a founder. Y’all remember Jumbo, right?

    Pulled my rifle out of the case mid-morning thinking I’d sneak up on some hogs at the watering hole. Crosshairs were about 10/4. Definitely had not been that way yesterday afternoon. Removed the ring caps to find some kind of liquid between the caps and the inserts. Amazingly, all four insert halves were “0”s so I cleaned everything off and for lack of anything appropriate, like bakers rosin, little strips of table napkin were inserted for supplemental grip. Almost couldn’t believe the first test shot was right back on zero! Shot a square to see how far off level I was and it shot a damned nice square too! Not half bad for dining table gunsmithing with nothing but a Craftsman bit driver and a paper napkin.

    Hoping that big spike stag is hungry in the morning. It’s forecast to be 50 degrees at sunrise. If bundle up in my Carhart overalls I think I can last until the sun hits the blind.

  • @rr2241tx Had to laugh out loud when I finally figured out Pecker Lectric = Perdenales Electric!
    I also remember Jumbo but I know him as Landslide Lyndon...
    Good luck on your buck - wish you could thin out the herd here!

  • Hunting trip called off because we ran out of groceries. Not only were no deer harmed, they weren’t even seen! Nice cool spell headed this way Thursday. Think I’ll brave the mobs and hit the H‑E‑B Wednesday morning, taking enough food to stay through the weekend. All the grocery stores there are sold out to the walls. Deer hunting is hungry (and thirsty) work.

    The fence is almost done! One water gap and one recessed gate then capping all the drill stem posts on the last mile and a half. Kathleen allows as how the new fence is so pretty it even looks good at night! Those cows better start having twins to help pay for this.

  • Got my eyes on some real good prospects here. Couple nice mule deer and whitetail too. Not sure which one I want to shoot yet. Almost smacked one last night at 750yds... but I got my firing solution into the rifle about 1 second too late and he stepped across a boundary.

    Plenty of time left in season... and the relentless 35-60mph wind we've had lately is enough to drive a guy inside.

  • @orkan I was just going to say that the forum has gone a little quiet with hunting season now here. I saw a really nice 8 point right next to the ranch road at 4:30 PM yesterday. Never would have happened 2 months ago. I don't know where the bucks go the rest of the year but I never see them right by the road.

  • Not much hunting in my neighborhood we have hunters but they are mostly hanging out with their buddies. The northers have been making nice weather but mid eighties don't make animals move much and the gnats drive you nuts sitting in a blind. We're waiting on the cool spell rr2241 is speaking of I bought all the makings for a big pot of Caldo de Res or beef soup. We made it to the HEB on interstate 35 yesterday and you can spot the out of towners in their camo and pushing empty shopping carts until they figure out where everything is in the store. I was getting a dozen tamales and a guy struck up a conversation with me enquiring about the tamales I told him not like home made but they will do. Turned out he was from Lake Jackson Texas out here on a hunting lease. Lake Jackson is a tangled mess of residential homes that are endless reaching almost to Houston one neighborhood after another and not cheap houses either I have seen signs at these places advertising houses that start in the mid 600's. We shot the breeze for about ten minutes I guess and we went on our separate ways. I saw him later still pushing his cart with a dozen tamales sitting in it.

  • Packing up the brass from last weeks processing. Some .243, 7x57 Mauser and 30-30 Winchester. It got cloudy overnight and not as cool as it was yesterday and the deer have really started moving. This morning it was foggy but when it cleared we had a field full of them still grazing from last night. Still not much pressure from hunters I imagine after Thanksgiving it will get busy around here.

  • Last chance to get the ingredients for tomorrow but we're going to risk the grocery store anyway. We left the turkey in the freezer and I'm frying shrimp and catfish tomorrow the bird will come out for Christmas. I'm still processing brass I found some .223 that was packed away that had been fired it will mostly be reloaded for my AR I have new brass for my bolt rifle I have been keeping separate when I shoot it. Time to get moving before the store gets packed.

  • @bigfoot Brave Man!

    I'm going to be smoking a turkey today and roasting another turkey tomorrow on the grill. Both my brothers and my daughter and family are coming "over the hills and through the woods" tomorrow. My wife has been baking cornbread, making stuffing, baking yams, and baking pies all week. The house smells great!

    Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!

  • @shakeyhand I thought about putting the turkey on the smoker I have never done one. I figured it needed to be brined but these Butterball's are already injected with something a fresh bird might be better. I remember going to a farm close to here with my grandmother and getting a live turkey when I was pretty young. We stuffed it in a feed sack still alive and its head was poking out riding back in their old Dodge Coronet car with me holding it. Boy was it in for a surprise. Turkeys have a lot of feathers but easier to pluck than a chicken. I had all kinds of big feathers to decorate stuff with after that.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to one and all! Before Hallmark, Thanksgiving was a day set aside to give thanks, to God and to friends and neighbors for the good fortune to have made it through another year alive. Perhaps it would be good to return to those roots and remember that time is the only thing that cannot be replaced and we have no idea how much of it we have left. Share time with those you love, everyday.