Daily Check in!

  • @bigfoot that's a whole lot of nope from me lol

    Good job taking them out.

  • Nice morning here in the Brazos Valley. Took our dog out for his morning walk and noticed that we had a heavy dew fall early this morning. That means the winds are starting to switch around to the southeast bringing in moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. That also means that we may have a shot at rain soon so I better start doing the dance.

    Off to blast some steel this morning at the local match so wish me luck and hope that shakey hand stays still enough to hit something...

  • Rain here today too. The switch has definitely been flipped. Fall is here. 50's and 60's through the extended forecast.

  • @orkan welcoming temperature and much needed rain. Great

  • @orkan said in Daily Check in!:

    Working with that rifle this morning. Definitely some potential! About an 8-12mph 6:00 wind... so conditions were not good at all. However, I was able to squeak out some nice groups. All different lot numbers of several different products. Seems to like lapua as well as RWS... but definitely likes some lot numbers more than others.

    Couple lot numbers of R50 and Polar Biathlon were really shooting. With a tuner and the right lot of ammo, this thing is going to hammer. Bull #9 was zeroing... so ignore all that mess. lol



    Targets 10, 12, 14, & 15 look great! How many rounds had you put through it?

  • I love early fall in Texas! Why? because the chili harvest is in and the green chilies are being roasted. Our local hamburger chain - Whataburger - usually offers green chilies on the menu for a while in the Fall. A green chili cheeseburger is paradise on Earth. You can get them year-round in El Paso but only in the fall in the Brazos Valley. I have already had 3 of them. The most famous green chilies come from Hatch, New Mexico but there is a hidden farming community just west of Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas called Dell City that grows some very good chilies. Who knows? Maybe the ones on my cheeseburgers came from there. I hope so.

  • @shakeyhand All the rounds you see on the target are all the rounds that had been fired.

  • @shakeyhand You checked off all the right boxes .... chili harvest, Whataburger, and Texas. Doesn't get much better. I'm a big fan of Whataburger. Ran in to some corporate big wigs the other day at a Baton Rouge Whataburger. Someone opened a Whataburger several years ago in Houma but they opened it on the wrong side of town and it didn't make it.
    I asked the folks if Whataburger would ever come back to Houma .... they said it's in the plans and that they are looking at property with better potential. Yippee! That Corpus Christi guy new what he was doing when he opened up his first store.
    I suggested that they introduce a Whatadog .... corndog on a stick. They already got the fryer running so why not. Anyway, yea for Whataburger!
    I like roasted chili peppers on most anything. I like an enchilada with roasted peppers and a fried egg on top.
    How did that shakey hand do at the range today? Thanks

  • @orkan You're always showing the results of the paper target .... and yes, mighty fine shooting. I may be one of a few that has seen the result of countless upon countless group targets being shot against your same wooden backer. Now that's sure proof of years of consistent grouping! Good work Greg, keep 'em coming!

  • @orkan Wow, can't wait to see the groups after you get several hundred rounds down the tube!

  • @buddhaman Thanks for asking. I placed first in pistol optics! Of course, there were only five of us and it was close. I guess the shake countered the ever-increasing wobble. Next time I probably won't be so lucky...

  • @buddhaman That is a big difference and a classic!

  • Texas has Der Weinerschnitzel. They went away but came back several years back at least in Victoria Texas they did. Drive through hot dog stand and corn dogs too. I took a country girl on a date back in high school and she wanted to go to Der Weinerschnitzel and get a corn dog. Talk about a cheap date not the girl but the choice of eatery. I took her to Pizza Hut one time and she asked for ketchup. I swear I could pick them. Let me see if I can get a rise out of rr2241tx one of our favorite places to get a sandwich in San Antonio was Bun N' Barrel. I heard it was a sirloin tri tip they cooked and made sandwiches. It was heaven on a bun.

  • Getting up early in the morning, turning on the B&W TV set to watch the test pattern only to eventually get to spend about an hour listening to the farm report. Seems like a long wait before Roy Rogers, Cisco Kid, Sky King, Lone Ranger would come on ... sometimes Laurel and Hardy, other times The Three Stooges. And eventually the cartoons with Bugs Bunny and the Looney Toons Gang .... Sufferin' Suckatash, Cwazy Wabbit, Ah Say Ah Say Son, Must Ta Took A Wrong Turn In Albuquerque .... Popeye eating spinach and then getting those battleship muscles in his arms along with his gang Olive Oyl, Brutus, Swee'Pea, and Sea Hag, Bluto, Popeye's Cannibal Tribes, Whimpy, Castor Oyl, Eugene the Jeep, (here's a link of Popeye cartoon cast trivia: https://popeye.fandom.com/wiki/Full_character_list )
    What high quality entertainment to grow up on. It helped create my foundation for later life and still reminds me that no matter what's thrown at you, with a little twist of creative thought, a person can imagine just about anything.

  • @buddhaman Out of the blue of the Western Sky comes....
    Sky King
    Penny and Songbird

    How could a rancher get by without a Cessna 310 to drop bales of hay to horses stranded in box canyons or snow...in almost every episode?

    Talk about recurring themes on TV shows - I almost would literally yell at PT and Chuck from The Whirlybirds to not get into the helicopter with guys dressed in black suits and a briefcase that they would always pull a gun from and force PT or Chuck into some criminal activity!

    What you didn't mention was having the TV slowly loose the picture and then having to pull all of the tubes and drive to the corner drugstore to test them and find the bad tube only to realize that the tube cabinet had every replacement tube except the one you needed. Then you would drive to another drug store or two to finally find the correct tube. By the time you got the new tube installed and the other good tubes, the show would invariably be over.

    We weren't allowed to watch TV until we finished our homework and we also weren't allowed to watch in the evening on school-day nights. The exception was Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color and Bonanza on Sunday evening. I think that exception had more to do with Mom and Dad wanting to watch them!

    Meeska Mooska Mouseketeer
    Mouse Cartoon Time now is here...

  • @bigfoot Bun ‘n Barrel was about as good as you could do on US-81on Saturday night in San Antonio. All the best hotrods, shortest shorts, sliced BBQ sandwiches, freezing cold fresh brewed root beers, and in a sketchy stretch of road off the backside of Ft Sam. No date? No problem! The Black Cat strip joint was across the road. The gals dancing there could wear a 10 gallon hat without covering their heads. Not sure they ever checked id there. Beers were 25¢, but who cared?

    Down 81 a bit closer to Alamo Heights was the Pig Stand. Same general theme but served pulled pork.

    Tom Benson and Red McCombs had giant car dealerships along the road too. Once, Red McCombs bet on Yugo. When they wouldn’t sell, he advertised that if you’d buy a Mustang from him, he’d throw in a Yugo as a spare tire!

  • It rained overnight along a cold front that blew through the valley. We received .58" here at the house. That brings us to 2.01" for the month which is about average. We have another chance for rain later in the week so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Glad I got my mowing done yesterday.

    I have always liked tractors. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting on my uncle's grey and red Ford 8N and wishing I could drive it. My uncle let me sit on his lap twice while he disked the small truck vegetable field behind his house and I was in heaven.

    Fast forward 60 years and we moved to the valley and I finally could justify getting a tractor for the chores around the property. I bought the very smallest "real" tractor that John Deere makes. It isn't even a compact tractor - it is a subcompact tractor. It does have a hydraulic 3 point hitch, front, mid, and rear PTO's, and a Yanmar diesel engine that is tuned to 24.9 horsepower to avoid the EPA's 25 horsepower DEF requirement. I have a quick attach front end loader and a quick attach drive over mid-mount mower deck.

    I use it about 90% of the time to mow but it is nice to have the loader that also has some pallet forks to move things around. I have even dug some drainage ditches with the pallet forks. A zero turn mower would probably have been a much better fit for the property but then I wouldn't have a "tractor".

    I think the tradition will continue. Both grandson's love to sit in my lap and drive the tractor around the property.

  • @shakeyhand
    I'm impressed with your memory about old TV shows. When you bring up those characters and situations, I remember. But to bring those memories up from out of the blue .... impressive brain you got there!

  • @shakeyhand
    DEF .... what makes a diesel engine a hated part of operating one these days. And just what does DEF accomplish and what does the "additive" add to the emissions? Don't know, I just didn't have a problem with the older engine.
    And now Ford is pushing its electro line of vehicles on TV. Other than your home, where do you plug them in? At your neighbors house when you visit them, into your bosses electric outlet at work, at the grocery store????? After the first visit, I don't think you'll be getting very many more invites and your boss will tell you to work from home!

  • @buddhaman Thanks but no one pays for trivia...

  • @shakeyhand
    you're right about that, and even fewer want to take the time to hear about it.

  • Humid hot start this morning. Already 80 degrees and 95% humidity but rain in the forecast maybe even heavy rain.

  • @bigfoot Yep, my brother has a small ranch out by Mason that sure could use the rain.

  • @shakeyhand This Mexican hurricane that is going to get caught in the upper level disturbances is going to be a rainmaker. There was some guys on another forum talking about the Brazos Valley flood of '94 that was a similar scenario. The San Antonio weather is really talking it up we had a couple of showers but it didn't even collect in the rain gauges.

  • @bigfoot I got a whopping .02 overnight but there are some showers just north of us right now.

    I have about a foot of red silt and gravel over the high parts of my property - a sure sign that the river flowed over here at one point. The soil scientists call it the High Terrace Gravels and it is around 2-3 million years old.

    I am over 100 feet above the modern river banks however, so it would be a humdinger of a flood for me to get worried. I got 22 inches during Harvey and was high and dry. There are thousands of square miles lower than my elevation in the floodplain so I may get cut-off but should be high and dry.

    The state motto for anywhere west of Houston should be:"...but we could use the rain"

  • Wet morning here. We got 1.08 inches from this short wave swinging through. I haven't seen the satellite images yet to see how the moisture plume from the Pacific Hurricane has spread NE over Texas but this has been a good rain. It should tide us over through most of the Fall now. Some of the Post Oaks have kicked off a few leaves but that was from the dry and hot August and September. October has brought much more reasonable temperatures with highs in the upper 80's and only an occasional 90. The trees will slow down taking up so much water to cool and transpire so this rain will last for much longer.

    When the oaks do decide to drop their leaves, which is usually around Thanksgiving, my blower and shredder will get a real workout. I use the blower to blow most of the leaves back into the yaupon and oak thickets where they are sheltered and don't blow around. They mulch in place and last years leaves are almost gone now. I gather the rest with a lawn sweeper I tow behind the tractor and then shred them and spread them in a clearing that the grandsons like to pitch a tent in and "camp out". The cedars (really junipers) mixed in the thickets are evergreen but I do have about twenty cedar elms also mixed in with the post oaks. Their leaves are already small and don't need to be shredded.

  • Heavy dew this morning after the rains night before last. We collected 1.5" in both gauges here and every drop soaked into the dry earth. Areas around San Antonio and east got much more and good rain in the aquifer recharge zone in the hill country. Gonzales reported almost ten inches that night and the Guadalupe River is showing it.

  • Mother Nature is throwing a changeup on us today with average winds out of the north 22-25mph and gusting to over 30. Temps will gradually drop throughout the day bringing cooler temps for us here on Sunday ... cooler, not cold ... dropping maybe 5-7 degrees briefly and then climbing upward come Monday.

    Speaking of come Monday, here's a rare Kenny Chesney version of Jimmy Buffet's Come Monday:

  • Feels pretty good this morning with some dry cool air. We got a surprise downpour yesterday when the front passed through and got .5" in just a few minutes. The cattle have been moved out of our place and they're going to prep about fifty acres for winter oats when it dries up a little. I took my wife into town yesterday afternoon for a hairdo and I got my ears lowered Thursday. I hadn't had a haircut since February so I got my moneys worth. While she was in the chair I went out to Los Cazadores hunting store and checked out the gun counter and ammo and browsed around for a few minutes. Plain old Remington Core Lok's .270 were $56.95 a box but at least they have them. They had a pretty good selection and some rimfire I spotted 17WSM and it was $20.00 for Winchester but no 17HMR to be had. The place has all new firearms no used and no trade ins and a pretty good selection of optics emphasis on Vortex and Leupold.

  • @bigfoot We only got .1 inch when the front finally blew through here but that was on top of the 1.07 inches we got the day before. Very nice morning to walk the dog and drink some coffee out on the porch. Now if I could just get rid of the mosquitos..

    Cool, dry air is still filtering in on the north wind and it looks like tomorrows low could actually be in the upper 40's. Time to open up the house.