Daily Check in!

  • @bigfoot I feel your pain - dealing with trades can be so frustrating. We had a remodel project in Houston and were always waiting for people to show up. No one would call - the crew or the contractor and it was a problem especially for my wife who would have to stay at home waiting.

    I found a contractor who has the same group of guys he works with over the past 5 years. The best thing is that they come when they say they will. The contractor even calls and says that they are on the way...and they are! His prices are fair and he works very hard. He does the demolition but uses trades (electrical, plumbing, painting and tiling/masonry) for a lot of the construction but he does a lot of the finish carpentry. He is getting more popular and now has a wait list for projects but I would still use him.

    My brother lives near Austin and had a pool installed. It took 2 1/2 years and involved a lawsuit. The joys of living in a boom town!

  • @shakeyhand I waited a year on the guy that did my building and finally gave up. I called him every other month and he was stuck on one job. This fellow doing the job was ready to start right away and we had a good recommendation from a friend of ours so I gave him the go ahead. He definitely has help problems he was doing 90 percent of all the work in this heat you just can't keep up. Getting started mid day doesn't help either.

  • @bigfoot I'm sorry to hear of your trials in building. Sadly I think everyone that's building anything is plagued by that problem right now.

    Nearly every store I approach these days, regardless of industry, has a "help wanted" sign on the door. Many businesses restricting hours due to not being able to find help.

    Integrity is fading from the world. No one wants to talk things out and reach a mutually beneficial agreement. They just want to decide things and force the rest of the world to deal with their decisions.

  • September has started out as August finished: hot and dry. We had a wet start to our summer and the grass has remained green but it is starting to turn crispy now in this dry heat. The lows have been in the low 70's which means we have lower humidity than normal and the highs have been over 100 for the past few days. We missed rain yesterday with a line of storms along a dry line and front slowly sagging south. They got within twenty miles of us at sunset and were still drifting south when they collapsed with the sun setting and a shut=off of their energy source.

    They have reformed south of us this morning and the wind is out of the north but not much of a temperature difference. It looks like irrigation is the order of the week.

    Rimfire Steel Challenge match this weekend so wish me luck - I'll need it with this shakey hand...

  • I've got to get it in my head today is Tuesday not Monday. We had a frontal boundary move through yesterday afternoon and I was expecting to walk outside into some fresh cool air this morning. Wrong, balmy and hot with a high of 102 predicted today. I am going to order some solar led motion lights and get power over to the new carport for some led lighting for the parking area. Hopefully the solar lights will actually be bright enough to see I don't really want to run a bunch of conduit and wire for high voltage lighting to the corners of the building. Guess I better get going before it gets too hot.

  • Ss8SAI4l.jpg

    Early start, up before the sun was out. Such a blessing to watch the sun make it’s daily appearance.

    Lamentations 3:22-23, "The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."

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    Weekend view from the Missouri River breaks in MT

  • Caught this little bugger trying to get into the back door of the ranch house today. Not a big fan of copperheads. Had to use that yucca spike on him since the only pistol I had with me was a Tarus Raging Casull. Figured that would make more problems than it solved. A roadrunner discovered the free lunch but made off with it before I could get a photo. 103 at 4:00 pm in Bluffton today. Pretty sure Spring is officially over. You can see that my lawn agrees.

  • Yup, snakes are on the move. Fall is coming and they feel the tug back to their dens.

  • @rr2241tx I get them in my yard too. In fact, the first one I saw was right after we moved in. I was walking my dog on a path through the post oaks and yaupon hollies when I almost stepped on it. I jumped and the dog did too. It was early December and one of those warm days and the copperhead was basking in the sun before the cool of the night.

    Funny you mention the roadrunner because we have a roadrunner who visits our wood pile about once a month to check for snakes. I don't mind the snakes because we get rats in the wood pile and the snakes keep them in check. I built a log crib and split about a cord and a half of the post oak and stacked it in the crib. When I was getting down to the bottom of the pile, there was a rat explosion and they ran everywhere. They don't get into the wood stacked in the bin but I lost a big post oak in a storm this summer so I have another wood pile waiting to be split and stacked. I'm sure the rats are back and probably a snake or two also. I also saw the roadrunner on the pile a last month so I better start splitting and stacking. I need it to cool off a little before I start.

    I have a Volquartsen Firefly lightweight bolt that I can swap into one of my 10/22's and a case of CCI quiet ammo and a suppressor. It might be time for a little vermin control at the wood pile...

    Finally, we didn't get any rain here with the last system. My brother, who lives out your way near Leander got 2.3 inches. Oh well, maybe Monday we might get something. We only had 1.5 inches in August and no rain yet in September. The mornings have been in the mid 60's so that's something to be thankful for.

  • @buddhaman Saw some encouraging news yesterday that Houma might be getting some power back and that the first priority will be to get the water works back up and running. I hope that you get your power back soon and have safe water to drink. I take those two necessities for granted until I loose them and then it's a sharp reminder of why we call them necessities. The photos from Houma are tragic. Grand Isle has been almost wiped out. In a strange benefit from Ida, however, a lot of sand from just offshore of the island has been pushed back up onto the island. Unfortunately, that doesn't help with all the wind damage there. We are thinking about you and your community.

    Still dry and relatively cool in Central Texas this morning - 63 is cool for an early September morning here. I started irrigating at 5:30 this morning. Hopefully, we will get some rain next week. The grass has stopped growing and everything is waiting on some rain. The deer are starting to feed on the flowers and shrubs by the house because their natural browse is stressed now. I have seen them nibbling on the Yaupon and I am amazed. The scientific name for Yaupon is Illex vomitoria because it is a good natural emetic. The Indians here used to make a tea from it that would empty them out. Somehow it must not effect the deer that way. I am seeing more bucks this year. I usually don't see any until much later when the rut starts. I would blame it on the "drought" but we are not really in a drought yet. It is still green - just stressed and not growing. If we go too much longer without rain it will turn brown and crispy.

  • Longest four day week I have experienced in a while I must say. Carport work is completed and even got the test run on the generator. That went off without any problems. Too bad it isn't a little further away from the house we can hear it in the bedroom but not so bad in the other part of the house. These guys really did a good job very neat and professional just a couple of minor things that cost them more than me. I learned his company did a generator for the young guy that does Demolition Ranch video's. Something to do with a restored mansion they have in the hill country around Boerne. I put up a couple of led lights and moved a motion light and added a couple of plugs under the parking area. Man, just the parts was pushing 200 bucks and I had the wire. We have good shade now in the afternoons with the added west partial wall. We ran into an engineering problem on it but did a quick fix I might redo it later. Ended up with an ugly knee brace and he was pushing to get to Louisiana so I let it go. This project turned out to be very expensive. Lots of things I don't like about it. Anyway, the world keeps spinning. We have been experiencing the temperature swings here also almost thirty degrees but when the sun gets up it doesn't take long to hit 100 by about two o clock. The irrigation pivot was running across the road yesterday I sure wanted to get a lawn chair and go sit under it for a while. They are getting ready to cut and roll the coastal again and all the peanut farms were watering this week. It's been over thirty days with no rain now and cotton is ready I think they were defoliating yesterday just east of my place. Deer have started coming into what's left of the grazer and we had pigs this morning passing through I imagine some of the water holes have dried up and I have a pretty good sized pond here. Itching to do a little shooting I might print a couple of targets.

  • These two have been plowing up the yards on Windy Hill. Now plowing up Kenmore chest freezer.
    The coastal is still green but definitely not growing. Everything else is dry and crispy. Sending the last of this year’s calves to auction Tuesday.
    Fencing project is rolling along. It’s about 3/4 done now and the part that’s left is not going to require heavy clearing so maybe they’ll be done before deer season. At my age this fence is investing in my grandson’s cost of ownership much more so than my own. But I’ll enjoy looking at it, for a while at least.

  • Romans 14:22-23
    Keep the faith you have between yourself and God. A man is happy if he knows he is doing right. But if he has doubts about the food he eats, God says he is guilty when he eats it. It is because he is eating without faith. Anything that is not done in faith is sin.

  • Low 70's this morning so the Gulf is open again. We are waiting on the rain to spread inland from Nicolas. We will be on the "dry side" but the circulation is so poorly defined that predictions are not as accurate. So we wait - 1 to 3 inches would be welcome.

    I enjoyed the steel challenge match this weekend. I shot pistol optics and shot well for me. A "new shooter" showed up although he already knew many of the other shooters. He just hadn't been shooting with us since I had started. He was a very good shooter with both pistol and rifle. I usually shoot much better when I shoot with better shooters. I think that it is because their cadence encourages me to go faster and "sets the bar" higher. We don't follow the strict formal steel challenge course layouts so it is always a new surprise each month. One of the stages this weekend was a 4' by 4' steel plate set 1' foot away from the stop plate all of which were only 12 foot from us. it tested how fast you could squeeze off (and count) 5 rounds. This was my worst stage - I came in next to last because of two misses one of which I had to count after throwing out the other.

    It was also a sad match. One of our regulars is facing a very serious health challenge. He is a very good shooter - always encouraging others and taking (and giving) a lot of good natured kidding. He gives friendly advice if he thinks you are open to it. He told me I was slapping the trigger about half of the time and he was right. After the match, he made a point of sincerely saying goodbye and shaking everyone's hand. It was a good reminder of how precious our time is and that we should live our lives accordingly. I pray for his healing and comfort and ask that you do too.

  • New Braunfels Schuetzen Verein Prize Shoot yesterday, 9/12. We'd spent a goodly portion of Saturday sprucing up the clubhouse and grounds in the heat, so I showed up about half spent but ready for a good time. Unloaded four heavy rifles for myself and darling companion, spotting scope, coffee, and backup coffee, before discovering my ammo box was still at home. DC was able to bring the ammo but wouldn't be there until nearly noon. Shot three of four matches with unknown ammo after a 10 minute sight-in with one rifle/one sight. Calculated/Guessed sight corrections for the other matches. Not a record-setting situation as every shot for the rest of the day was for record. Lunch was outstanding BBQ chicken and pot luck dishes. DC and Club President surprised me with birthday cake and the whole assembly singing Happy Birthday acapella; we're a shooting club not a singing club. Lunch and more familiar ammo finally won me a tiny slice of the prize money in Scope Offhand Match. PPPPPP! Guess who failed that test this time. Still, a great way to spend the weekend with good friends.

  • @rr2241tx I have a daughter, grand daughter and son-in-law living in Germany. The Schützenverein clubs there also usually can't sing but no one cares. I think it is because of the amount of beer and or Apfelwein consumed after the shooting. The celebrations usually include a parade through the village and lots of noise.

    Glad you had fun at the match even though you forgot the ammo. Sounds like something I would do. In the modified German tradition, I am smoking some pork ribs over a post oak fire right now and waiting for some rain. At least we will eat well tonight...

  • Laid down and shot 5 at 300 with the 17WSM today in a 12-15mph wind. I'll take it!


  • @shakeyhand Modified; very modified!
    I have a huge slab of pork belly holding for supper tonight. Small rain earlier. Slight chance of better rain tonight.

  • Spent last evening scouting for the upcoming pronghorn and deer seasons. What a beautiful world.



  • Not a cloud in the sky here in South Texas this morning. Cool dry air we had just a trace of rain from a couple of rain bands from Nicolas yesterday. Dove season is officially open for the south zone in Texas today I have heard a couple of shots around us but we are pretty short on doves right now. I texted a friend of mine last night in Palacios just about the time the storm hit there he reported wind of about fifty and gusting and heavy rain. As of 5:00 pm yesterday they had three inches but it was still coming down. During our textfest the eye passed over them around 8:45. I haven't heard back this morning but what I have seen on the news the low areas like Port O Connor and Matagorda /Sargent area flooded and had some wind damage being they are directly on the gulf. The bulk of the rain unfortunately is in Louisiana where they definitely don't need it.

  • @bigfoot Although I am still hoping for some more rain, we only got .16 in one band about 6 PM yesterday. It has been breezy but pleasant. The winter cold fronts are much windier than this. I have a brother who lives in southwest Houston and he got 2 inches overnight He reported that he lost power very briefly but that the winds were just breezy with small branchlets down.

  • @orkan So true!

    I don't know why but we lost most of our Pronghorns in west Texas. They have been trying to re-establish the herds for many years now.

  • @orkan re that .17 WSM barreled action - Hmmm - I still have that Woox chassis...

  • Getting the new 7 Norma Mag Improved barrel ready for meat seasons. Fire forming a new batch of Lapua brass. Fired 3 at 300yds and they basically landed right on top of each other. Luck for sure, but still cool to have happen when fire forming 40 thousandths jammed. lol



  • @orkan How many times do you reload these improved cases? Whose chamber reamer did you use? Looks like a significant powder increase.

  • Our total for the storm here in the Brazos valley was .19 inches of rain. So much for my hoping for an inch but I will take the .19 gladly. This late summer dry spell has shocked some trees into turning colors already. Not many but their light green verging on yellow leaves stand out among the dark green post oaks. We are months away from the "fall" color change which doesn't happen until around Thanksgiving here. It has been breezy the last few days -good for outdoor work. My brother lives in Houston and got 3 inches of rain and briefly lost power overnight Tuesday but it was quickly restored. Looks like Louisiana got another deluge that they didn't need.

  • @orkan said in Daily Check in!:

    Laid down and shot 5 at 300 with the 17WSM today in a 12-15mph wind. I'll take it!


    Sure would like to replace my "obsolete" 17 hmr. There's been a gorilla's fist in my piggy bank the past few weeks so I don't see this happening any time soon. I haven't driven my old Super Duty in a while though..........